Women Over the Edge - Two vastly different plays

Are Women Over the Edge?  J.E.T. Productions –West thinks so as they preset two plays showing startling variations of women over the edge.   We go from a freshly discovering menopausal woman who flies from one extreme to the other, from funny to sad, and then we transit to a woman who has been sliced down by her menopause and has already gone over the edge.  

Menopause Crack up - Judith E

The first play, Menopause Crack up, written and performed by Judith E. Taranto, directed by Kaz Matamura and running through December 18, is a hilarious romp through one women going through menopause and discovering what she really wants out of life.  Exploring her past relationships and her growing up years, we are privy to her moments of despair and moments of  supreme fun.  She directs us through her anxieties and worries as well as her discovery that life as a menopausal woman might not be so bad.  After all, no more periods to worry about and it only lasts a year or so..or so.  If you can survive the hell of emotional roller coasters and see the fun in it as Judith E has done, you can hang on.  

Judith E

The acting and directing were superb and the packed audience was in stitches most of the time.  Since it plays only Friday evenings – November 20,27th, December 4, 11 and 18th, I urge you to check it out before it’s gone.  

Mrs. Cage, the second of the two plays, occurring on the accompanying Saturday nights will play also on Sunday afternoons at 2 pm.  Written by Nancy Barr and directed by Barbara Bain, the show stars Katelyn Ann Clark as Mrs. Cage and David Ross Paterson at Lt. Angel.  

Mrs Cage - Katylyn Ann Clark and David Ross Paterson

The more somber of the two plays, Mrs. Cage tells of a “next door lady”left behind the times who has, in the eyes of her attorney daughter, demeaned herself by being proud only of ironing her husband’s shirts.  There was no comedy in this story, only true sadness at the woman who no longer valued herself and was driven to murder because of her own menopause crack up.  

While the acting of this was superb, the story, itself, dragged and could have done better with a small intermission so that the repetition of the events would not drag on as it appeared to have done.  

Mrs. Cage

Kaz Matamura, director of Menopause Crack Up, also teaches a one person show workshop in which everyone’s story can be told.  Kaz can be reached at 818 760 4155.  

Barbara Bain, director of Mrs. Cage, teaches an acting workshop at the studio and can be reached at 818 894 3245

Both shows charge $13 admission with discounts for seniors and students.  Both shows have some sexually explicit material and are suitable only for over the age of 14.  

The No Ho Actor’s Studio is located upstairs at 5215 Lankershim, North Hollywood, corner of Magnolia.  Street parking is available but sometimes difficult to find as there are several theatres in the vicinity.    Call 818 761 2166 or www.thenohoactorsstudio.com for more information.

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