Tony Bennett at the Greek Theater Review -- Cool Classy Night Out

Tony Bennett brought a cool, classy sophistication to the Hollywood Hills on Friday September 12 when he performed to a packed house in Los Angeles’ Greek Theater.

Feeling Just So

I swing with Frank and I’m cuckoo for Dino and Sammy. Crooners. If you can deliver a standard; If you can provide that special emotion for an old Cole Porter yarn, then yes, you have my attention.

The crooner

So the fact that Mr. Bennett was coming to town.  Well, that’s more than cause to celebrate. It’s enough reason to call off from work, celebrate the day and embrace someone you love.  It’s really that good.

Starting Off

A lovely thirty-something woman comes out in a stunning back outfit.  She is introduced as Antonia Bennett. For as lovely as she is, her voice is unmistakably her father’s.  She comes across as adorably shy.  You want to encourage her, hope to hear more from her.  For this evening, though, she’s gone almost before she even arrived.

The Greek Theatre

The night’s dimness has set, the stage darkens to a midnight shade.  It’s time for him.  The hundreds of fans train their eyes on the corner of the stage.  Eagerly waiting.

Two Words for Classy

Let’s call him Mr. Bennett.  I’m sure if given the opportunity to meet him in person, he’d immediately correct me with a simple “call me Tony”.  He seems like that kind of guy.  Good natured, happy, less fuss.  But let’s face it, the man deserves our respect.

Over five decades of life he and his music have charmed us, romanced us, revived us and created history.  Over and over again.  So as he steps out onto stage, he is so much more than just a guy.

Tony Bennett welcomes you

In black slacks and a glowing blazer he floats against the dark backdrop.  Ease and comfort.  This isn’t the first stage he’s been on.  But tonight this is his stage.  And tonight, we’re his audience.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.

He breezes through his first few songs.  Light and happy.  Plays around for the next couple, tells some stories.  Then brings in his heavy-hitters.  The overall play list included "Just in Time", "My Hometown", and of course "I Left My Heart in San Francisco".

The setup is simple, but it’s really all he needs.  The master out front.  Piano at his side.  Behind was a guitar and bass.  Nestled in the back corner was percussion.  Each of the artists are veterans with experiences that ranged from countless concert tours and studio recordings to time with Count Basie himself.  Truly masters at their craft.

He wanders the stage at times, comfortably sharing the spotlight with these gifted musicians.  Patting them on the back, playing with them, cheering them on.  He understands his band and shows how lucky he is to have them laying down the work. That’s class, baby!

Continuously he joins his hands together in a gracious gesture and thanks the audience all night long.  He thanks us for our attention, our appreciation and our continuous love.  The feeling is mutual, Mr. Bennett.

Basked in glory

His legend becomes obvious as he tells stories including Stevie Wonder, Hank Williams, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra.  Someone with his experience, talent and magic has crossed paths with so many.  Has been influenced by so many; and has clearly been an influence to so many more.

At 82 years old, the singer and showman still delights his crowds.  Women swoon and shout out loving remarks.  Agile, he spins and dances, delighting the crowd with his footwork.  He makes it all look so effortless.

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