Tiffany Dunn - Showcasing All of Her Talents at Boulevard 3

Tiffany Dunn took the stage at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles on Wednesday night and strutted her vocals and dance skills in a showcase that showed off the talent of this up and coming musical talent.

Tiffany Dunn wowing the crowd

The energy in her voice and in her body language are carried over to her stage performance and while you can teach dance and choreography, you can’t teach that ability to bring a crowd to life with your energy. When looking for a comparison for stage presence, Gwen Stefani comes to mind, while this was only a three song set, you could see the same energy that Gwen somehow brings for two hours. You wonder how you can keep it going for two hours, even three songs makes you gasp for air watching Tiffany. While Tiffany can makes it look effortless and that she was born into that persona, she said a typical seven hour day of training gives her the ability to keep up her frantic pace on stage.

Tiffany put together a three song set that kicked off with the "2 Bad I Luv You" followed by "OK" and "Shut the Front Door." All three songs had a very catchy hip-hop edge to them while giving out enough pop that you could find these songs played on a wide assortment of playlists and would fit in at any club setting.  "2 Bad I Luv You" was clearly the one song that I would expect to be hearing more from in the future, the song really showed off the range in Tiffany's voice and it contained some great background beats that really got the crowd energized and moving on this night. To show that Tiffany was a little more than your typical performer in her genre, her set of songs she stated all flowed together in her thought process and they were meant to create a story for her fans.


“I want to change things in the music industry and do everything,” Tiffany said. “I want to not only sing and dance, but I want to play instruments as well, I just want to keep learning. I look up to Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson and would like to follow that path of being an entertainer."

Tiffany and her dance crew

Tiffany wanted to “kill it” as she said on this night and she certainly seemed to have accomplished that goal. New acts come and go, but you need that something to make the masses come to you and Tiffany has found her niche with her great vocals and an energized act that will keep fans moving all night long.

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