The Two Coreys - A&E Premiere Event Rocks Club Sugar's Socks

More than 100 people showed for The Two Coreys A&E Premiere Event held at club Sugar in Hollywood.  Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, two 80’s heartthrobs, have been friends for 20 years after meeting on the set of the teen film The Lost Boys.  The two developed a special relationship and became best friends known as “The Two Coreys.”  After more than a decade of being missing in action, the two are back together on-screen and under one roof in the A&E celebrity reality series The Two Coreys

"The Two Coreys" and Susie Feldman arrive on the red carpet

At the entrance of the club, a large crowd lined up against the red carpet to get a glimpse of celebrities that may attend.  Other than “The Two Coreys” themselves and of course Susie Feldman, a few other celebrities also graced the red carpet with their presence that night to show their support.  Being that it was a particularly hot and humid evening I was grateful to feel the ac blowing strong when stepping in the club.  Looking around the guest-list consisted of a well-dressed, diverse crowd and everyone was making sure they made a few trips to the bar while waiting for the show to begin.

Corey Haim (left) Susie Feldman (center) and Corey Feldman (right)

Just as everyone had a chance to mingle and settle into a comfortable spot with their friends, the lights went low and a sneak preview of the new series could be seen playing on tv screens situated on the walls around the club.  Most of the show takes place at the home of Corey Feldman and his wife Susie where the couple, married four years, have agreed to allow Haim to move in for a while.  Realizing he has burned “one too many bridges” in Hollywood, Haim remains hopeful he will manage to jump-start his career. 

All eyes were on the screens around the room as the sneak preview of "The Two Coreys" played

Although it is now years later, Haim more so than Feldman find that they are still facing many of the obstacles stemming from their prior drug abuse that was ultimately responsible for the long pause in their careers.  The show moonlights the special relationship the three have developed after moving in with one another.  Although I noticed I was one of the few people where I was sitting that was laughing and seemingly enjoying the show, I must admit I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the first episode airing July 29th on A&E.

And the band begins to play

The audience enjoys the band

After the screening, the crowd turned to the stage as Feldman’s band, Corey Feldman Truth Movement, gave an awesome performance.  He had on a black suit and an oversized black furry top hat and although I’m not usually into this genre of music, I was admittedly enjoying every song that was played.  As he jumped around the stage during his performance, Feldman pulled an attention grabbing stunt by stripping off his jacket and button-up shirt revealing another shirt made of a material used to manufacture panty-hose.  It was covered with tribal art to give the illusion his entire torso was covered in a tattoo.

Feldman on-stage sporting his over-sized furry black top hat

I had an excellent time walking the red carpet at the release party, and enjoyed the entertainment thoroughly; Feldman is a talented musician.  I never really followed "The Two Coreys" careers in the past, but after getting a sneak peak into their lives through their new show, I really am rooting for them both!

Feldman gives a little strip-tease during his performance

Erika Gadson - Journalist and Lawrence Davis - Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of LA Splash Magazines walking the red carpet

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