The Holidays 2008 – Your Favorite Songs

I listen to Sirius Satellite Radio on an hourly basis.  Can’t beat it.  Less commercials, rare performances, candid interviews and uncensored content. Yes, I’m a Howard fan, but that’s not the only thing. 

Now that they’ve merged with XM, I get CineMagic, which offers great film scores and dialogue from popular and /or classic movies.  It’s a treat, I promise.  But just around Turkey day, the station turned to Holly, an all-holiday music station.  The first few times I hit the preset by accident and growled, but eventually it grew on me because each song kept bringing up memories.

That’s the beginning of how this idea came about.  Because, really, what are the holidays all about?  Family.  Sharing.  Togetherness.  So, why not invite some of Splash’s family to share their favorite holiday songs?  And with that idea, I went to work:

Actress Lindsay Richards

Singer/songwriter/award-winning actress Lindsay Richards: "My favorite Christmas song has to be O Holy Night. The song is beautifully written and makes people feel the emotion behind the song. It also is about the true reason for Christmas not just about Santa or gifts.”   We, at Splash, are hoping Lindsay might be our next Fresh Face.  So drop her a line and help convince her at .

2007 International Magic Champion David Minkin,  “ Chanukah O' Chanukah is my favorite holiday song.  It reminds me of good times as a kid.  The melody is mysterious, and since I perform magic for a living, I have an affinity for the mysterious."  After the first of the year, David's magic & wine tasting event in Malibu, CA returns.  With views of the ocean, candles, wine, and magical experiences... it really captures the mysterious.  You can read our Splash review here and get tickets at

Actress Nicole Disson

Nicole Disson, a Los Angeles-based actress who has been in one, two, three productions Splash has covered at Open Fist Theatre: “I am going to have to go with White Christmas, as my top contender for memorable holiday songs.  While I am not one to play Christmas tracks on my own, or Hanukkah for that matter

Author Alan Corey

(apart from Adam Sandler's Hanukkah album that I used to listen to with my dad and brothers), I am a big fan of the Michael Curtiz film, White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen.  That song really reminds me of all the times I would watch the film as a child and then imitate their dance steps, performing the songs endlessly in front of my family."   To learn more about Nicole, visit her at:

Alan Corey authored, "A Million Bucks by 30", a great book that you need to hear more about.  “I choose holiday songs by their universal appeal. I like having friends over who can sing along and appreciate the music that is playing, regardless of what holiday they celebrate. That's why I stick with the traditional sounds of SNL's digital shorts, specifically Dick in a Box. The gift, like the song, is one that just keeps on giving. It's now a family tradition in my house, and it should be one in yours too.”

Yoga enthusiast and SAP consultant Aimee Tanon offers Winter Wonderland.  “It brings memories of when I was in college and we spent time in Vermont during Christmas. It was snowing hard out, the fireplace was blazing and we all were singing out of tune as we decorated the ski/snow board house for the holidays. Next morning hot Vermont coffee, breakfast on the stove and Winter Wonderland playing as we looked out and there was almost 3 feet of snow. Great day for a sleigh ride or nice leisurely run!”  To reach Aimee, visit her website :

Actor/Activist Ben Decker

Actor/Activist Ben Decker was first introduced to Splash here. " Last Christmas by Wham because it's not actually a real Christmas song, but they always play it around Christmas time."

Producer Ryan Freel:  " Mele Kalikimaka.  I love that pool scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Clark Griswold.  Every time I watch it, I smile.  It’s good fun for the holidays.  Visit Ryan at:

Jared Courter - " Sting does a great version of I Saw Three Ships.  Probably one of the few Christmas songs I enjoy.  It’s always been one of my favorites since I was a kid growing up in Detroit.  It always puzzled me that someone would be watching for ships to come in on Christmas day rather than opening presents."  You can find Jared at:

J House Media's Jeremy Minnick

Jeremy Minnick is the CEO and Systems Manager of J House Media in Athens, GA.  He’s also one of Splash’s resident geniuses, as he helps out with your questions.  “My favorite song is Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.  While not my fondest memory, the most enduring is one of sitting in the backseat of my parents caravan almost every night for two weeks bundled up to stay warm as we drove through the dark, snow-covered streets of St. Louis going from relative to relative with the song on the radio.”  You can also find Jeremy at

And so after all this work, of course my Dad heard of the article and wanted to get involved.  Charles F. Wehinger is a Pennsylvania-based accountant and chose:
" Santa Claus is Coming to Town, by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  I once saw a live performance of that number and it always makes me feel good to think of it."

In his own cheekiness, he’s referring to me playing “ The Boss” in a third or fourth grade holiday show.  My first and last stage performance, Oscar bait to be sure.   Since, it’s not on Youtube, (kinda long, but...) here’s the next best thing:

As for me, it’s easy.  Last year I received Christmas with The Rat Pack album and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since.  Frank handles the ballads while Dino and Sammy add plenty of spiked eggnog to the party mix.  Last Christmas I was pulled over for erratic driving while singing along to Dino’s “Winter Wonderland”.   The officer was not amused.

One of the best parts of writing this was the journey of trying to find all the songs to sample.  Most were easy, some were not.  Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard was a tremendous resource.  As you already know, they have everything you could want or need when pleasuring your aural desires.  Find them at 6400 Sunset Blvd. or

Lastly, a big thank you to all of Splash’s new friends this year.  We still have plenty of articles to go in the next couple days, but just know it’s a pleasure helping out old friends and just as fun meeting new ones.  So I say, grow with us into 2009.  Introduce us to your friends, they’ll love us.  Find us on Facebook and MySpace an’ say hi. 

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