The Big Voice: God Or Merman?

The voice of God, some people swear it sounds like Charlton Heston , Joan of Arc claimed she heard it and lead France in a revolt against England, and Jim claims he heard it, swears it sounds like Ethel Merman and that it lead him on a path to take over broadway, his life partner Steve also in search of 'The Voice' is not so sure God's voice is spoken in broadway musical renditions. In the critically acclaimed 'The Big Voice, God Or Merman?' written by Steve Schalchln and Jim Brochu who also star in this award winning musical, take you on a autobiographical journey through their lives both personal and professional. Like the Blues Brothers, Jim and Steve individually begin their journeys, 'On a mission from God'.

The Big Voice

Jim a Catholic from Brooklyn, as a young boy has dreams of being the first Brooklyn born and bred Pope, until a accidental encounter with an Ethel Merman recording turns his life upside down leading to personal encounters with the diva herself. Steve, a shy boy born in the bible belt to a Baptist Preacher and a mother in the nursing profession, has dreams of being a songwriter, both in search of the 'Big Voice' to tell them what to do. Both men share candidly with comedic overtones, their struggles with their sexual identities on their quest in identifying 'The Voice' Jim's father catching wind of his son's sexuality sends him to military school, which just becomes a smorgasboard of experimentation.

Jim and Steve

Steve on the other hand, hides his identity in bible college, with his bible band and frequent dates with Christian girls. When the struggle to hide who they really were is no longer bearable, eventually both men come out of the closet, and sometime later, their paths cross on a cruise ship and they fall in love and continue the journey together. Jim and Steve will have you laughing as they share the challenges of blending their lives and meeting Steve's parents, and you will cry as they share the near death encounter with AIDS that almost claimed Steve's life and have you laughing again at a chance encounter with Anson Williams (Potsie of 'Happy Days' fame) giving Steve encouragement to live, and have you crying again at their painful break-up and struggle to salvage their relationship.

They then bring you to the present and their battles and successes to bring their musical collaborations to Broadway and the opposition they have received from people to accomplish their goal. 'The Big Voice' was nominated for two ovation awards in 2003; for Best World Premiere Musical and Best Lead Actor (Jim Brochu), nominated for a 2003 GLAAD media award for Outstanding Los Angeles Theatre Production, and won a 2005 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding OFF-OFF Broadway Production. The Big Voice is currently at The Avery Schreiber Theatre located at 11050 Magnolia Blvd in North Hollywood, California.

The show will run from May 20, 2005 to June 26, 2005. Show times are Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. Ticket prices is $20. For reservations, please call 866-811-4111 or visit their website at

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