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Remember your dreams?  Remember what you hoped your life would be like when you were sixteen?  Charles Bartlett and Jack Cooper, authors of T hat Perfect Moment, do.  Directed by Rick Sparks,  the play centers around four aging baby boomers who are still trying to recover their lost youth.  Set in the San Fernando Valley, the story is produced by Racquel Lehrman and Theatre Planners.  

Professor Mark Vanowen ( Tait Ruppert) is probably the worst of them still trying to recover “that perfect moment” when they were young.. Although he now teaches college, he is still living in his dreams of becoming a big rock star and in fact has made contact with a record company that will hire him and his fellow band members do some of their music.  He invites his band brothers, Albert Teesdale ( John Bigham) now a down and out chiropractor and Gabriel Vesper ( Guerin Barry) over for Christmas eve to celebrate the fact that they might again be making music together.  

That Perfect Moment - Mark (Tait Ruppert, Albert (John Bigham, Skip (Bruce Katzman) and Gabriel (Guerin Barry)

The catch is Skip Chandler ( Bruce Katzman), the only one of the group to really have become successful, also took over the properties of the band and refuses, at least at first, to release them.  

Mark’s wife, Sarah (Kelly Lester) has had enough of her dreaming husband who spends the whole day playing his guitar and living with the memory his past.  In the light of his recent fight, she is fed up with this obsession with what should have been. 

That Perfect Moment: Mark with wife Sarah (Kelly Lester)

Skip surprises the others by joining them since he had not been specifically invited. 

When the call comes in from the record company, Skip, in shock that his fellows would think to sell music that belongs to him, nixes the deal.  Mark is distraught and the other two are not happy either as each of them share their woes and reasons for needing the band back together.  Even Skip, it appears, has personal issues he hasn’t shared with his mates until now.  

While the potential contract, which wasn’t paying them anything anyway, has gone, the band bonds deeper and matures as Mark realizes he can no longer live in the past but he can live in  the future.  

That Perfect Moment

The No Ho Arts Center Playhouse never disappoints me.  Their set designs by Adam Flemming and lighting design by Jeremy Pivnick are professional and perfect every time.  Innovative ways of showing off set phone calls, Sarah’s journey and the final reunion of the band really made the play stand out.  

Joseph Holt, stage manager, did an excellent job as did casting director, Michael Donovan.

Original songs by Sky Keegan, whose portfolio was purchased by Paul McCartney, were enhanced by the sound design of Joseph “Sloe” Slawinski.  Playful costumes by Sharell Martin and hair design by Diane Martinous also helped to make That Perfect Moment both humorous and thought provoking. It tells us that our memories, when we first felt special and made a difference, will live forever but that we need to use them not to jump back but to move forward.  This Perfect Moment is a perfect example of thoughtful entertainment. 

That Perfect Moment: The band reunites

The play runs from October 3 through November 8th, 2009.  The NoHo Arts Center is 11136 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood.  For more information call 323 960 7745 or get tickets at  Prices are $25 for general admission and $20 for seniors.  (If ordering on line use the code SENIOR.)

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