Spike Heels by Theresa Rebeck

Guys don't get it and they never quite have. They don't understand something, which women have always known: The totemic power of a great pair of shoes.


James Castle Stevens, J. Richey Nash

Georgie and Lydia, the heroines of Theresa Rebeck's 1990 comedy "Spike Heels" don't make ridiculous demands of life: They just want true love and good sex. The men in their lives have potential but are flawed: They are both, in their own way, manipulative. Andrew is noble but can be passive-aggressive. Edward fits a more traditional, testosterone-driven male chauvinist model. Still, neither is entirely without redeeming social value.

Leslie Channon, Michelle Pratt


The two women are hip, smart and undeniably attractive. To be in relationships that will be ultimately satisfying, they have to approach them as equal partners rather than subordinate themselves to their men.  Solution: Create a balance of power. This means spike heels.

Why spike heels? They give a woman a feeling of empowerment. Plus, they make your legs look amazing.

Directed by Paul Millet.

Produced by Leslie Channon & Brian David Pope.

Starring: Leslie Channon, J. Richard Nash, Michelle Pratt, and James Castle Stevens.

James Castle Stevens, Leslie Channon

"Spike Heels" is playing through May 22, 2004 at the Eclectic Company Theatre in NoHo - North Hollywood.
The Eclectic Theatre Company, 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd (between Chandler and Magnolia), North Hollywood.
Admission: $15. Group discounts available.
Reservation and Information: 818 508 3003

James Castle Stevens, Leslie Channon

The Eclectic Company Theatre, a non-profit corporation, which was founded as Theatre 6470 in February 1989 as an ensemble of performers, writers, directors and producers united by their commitment to high quality, independent artistic expression. They share a vision of their company as a center for diverse, innovative and socially relevant entertainment, as well as a positive force in the theatrical community of Los Angeles. The Eclectic is proud to be a member of Theatre League Alliance of Southern California and the North Hollywood Universal City Chamber of Commerce.

The Eclectic Company Theatre is a 501 (c) (3) California non-profit corporation with limited financial resources. The Eclectic, along with other needs are looking to build a bathroom off of the front foyer. Presently you have to cross the stage and go into the wings to use the loo. If you would like to help support The Eclectic, with your donations of money, sundry items or time, call/e-mail and speak with the house manager.

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