Snow White Review

Theatre West  opened its adaptation of the classic Snow White and Seven Drawfs last weekend. In their modernized version, Snow White (Jenn Garrabo) is into sports jogging, tennis, etc and has her iPod and her handsome prince (Adam Conger), who also plays the mirror. Despite his dated costume, Snow's prince is equally as modern in his thought as his lady. 

A loving moment between Queen (Lee Meriweather) and Snow White (Jennifer Garrabo)

Starring Lee Meriweather (former Miss America and star on nine TV shows as well as numerous movies) plays the evil Queen mother who in this retelling is not so much evil as selfish and misunderstood.  This modern Queen does love her daughter, but loves herself more.  The theatre was packed, mostly with kids.

Since Theatre West also does birthday parties, two were going on that day.  Birthday kids were touted on stage (which they loved)and there was plenty of audience participation. Several times the children were invited on stage by the Woodsman Fred (Matthew Hoffman) or Snow White to play dwarfs or other characters.  They really seemed to enjoy warning Snow White not to eat the poisoned apple and trying to tell the Prince what he needed to do to rescue her. 

Queen and Mirror (Adam Conger)

There were several chases around the theatre with the kids yelling enthusiastically. Relating to the kids, the Queen has a temper tantrum and sucks her thumb when she finds out that Snow White is still in the kingdom.  

Songs by Rob Meurer and Richard Berent were funny and fun to hear. I especially liked 'The Friend Song,' (extolling the virtues of friendship) and 'Bite the Apple' (warning us not to take things from strangers), and others like 'I'm So Beautiful," "I Like Sports," "Almost There," and "I Need A Wife' were sung with enthusiasm and enjoyment.  It seemed the actors were having as much fun as the kids.

Fred the woodsman (Matthew Hoffman), Queen, Prince (Adam Conger), Snow White

There were jokes for the adults mingled in with the children's story.  While very appropriate for 3-9 year olds, teens might not understand some of the more mature jokes.  Choregraphed by Paul Denniston and produced by Dale Alan Cooke and Barbara Mallory Schwartz, it was a fun 90 minutes. 

The play goes on until July 14, 2007 and tickets are $10 each.  Besides birthday parties, they also accommodate weekday school trips. The Storybook Theatre, founded by Barbara Mallory Schwartz and her husband, TV film writer/producer Lloyd G Schwartz (Brady Bunch) love entertaining the kids. 

Engagement time

They also have a production of Ugly Duckling, as well as retellings of Rumplestillskin, Peter Pan, Aladdin, the Princess and the Magic Lamp , Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.  Rated as best adventure for the squirmy set by Los Angeles Magazine; and Number one place to visit by LA Parent Magazine, it is something your kids should surely enjoy. 

WHERE: Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, in Los Angeles, CA  90068
FREE parking in a lot across the street.
WHEN: March 31- July 14, 2007. Saturdays at 1 p.m.
RESERVATIONS: (818) 761-2203.

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