Slow Children Crossing Theatre Review - It's UhhMazing!

"It's Uhhh...Mazing!" is brought to you by Slow Children Crossing every Tuesday at the Lounge Theater Trough April 14th.

If drama is easy and comedy is hard, then sketch comedy in the wrong hands is quite possibly deadly. But fear not, “the Funny” thrives in the capable hands of the traveling comedy troupe, Slow Children Crossing. Back in Los Angeles after a four city jaunt around the country, Slow Children Crossing has landed at the Lounge Theatre with their latest comedy show, “It’s Uhhh... Mazing”.

The four-woman, two-man ensemble, accompanied by one special guest, perform an energetic set of skits. The “Bad Cupcake” skit, featuring Ivy Lindsey, Destini Meshack & Saudia Rashed, examines the enduring question of what means more to a woman: a killer cupcake or men. The “Cooking Segment” featured America’s favorite two bigots, Archie Bunker and George Jefferson was certainly a guilty pleasure. The world of fairy tales is visited in a twisted reinterpretation of the story of The Three Bears, narrated by Tiffany Thomas. “Whitney Houston” (Saudia Rashed) makes a surprise appearance as does our nation’s newest commander-in-chief, Barrack Obama (Brett J. Butler).

(l to r rear) Destini Meshack, Ivy LIndsey & Alem Sapp. l to r (front) Saudia Rashed, Brett J. BUtler & Tiffany Thomas

                                                The show goes multimedia with three video segments. Butler “Obama” delivers a cerebral, apologetic address regarding the lack of things that are funny about himself and tries to find a few. And during an innocent play of poker, three men (Butler, Brendan Connor & Alem Sapp) discuss whose “Back door” they would enter if their life depended on it. Nicely done, Gents!

My favorite skits of the evening were perhaps the opening and closing skits because we get to see the entire company performing as a unit and the work is really impressive. Honorable mention should also go to “Dancing with the Drunken Stars”. And last but not least, what is comedy show if someone doesn’t strip down to their skivvies? (And I’m not going to say who. You’ll just have to go and find out.)

The show is a bit top heavy with references and characters that would be lost to anyone under the age of thirty. The transitions between video segments need polish, as do the audio of the clips themselves. And yes, there was more than one deer-in-the-headlights lost line moment. But for an opening night, this show was pretty damn good. The chemistry and rhythm between these players is finely tuned and running cruises along with the utmost precision. The comedy is goofy and slapstick, a welcomed return from the crass and crude toilet humor that seems to have permeated the comedy landscape as of late.  

Don't try to figure it out fro the photo, go see the show

SSC constructed a smartly simple set, painted chocolate brown, complete with back wall, three working doors and a staircase. Having attended more than a few productions at the Lounge Theater, it’s the best use of the space I have ever seen. The staging, the comic timing, and the full throttle commitment of each performer from one character to the next make this a great comedy show. 

Slow Children Crossing’s “It’s Uhhh…Mazing!” happens every Tuesday from March 17th thru April 14, 2009. It is seventy minutes of live comedy entertainment for less than the price of a movie at the Arclight, and a very good reason to get out on a “school night”.

The Lounge Theatre
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(corner of El Centro & Santa  Monica in Hollywood)

Tuesdays @ 8pm Thru May 6, 2009

Tickets: $12

For more information: 323-960-7745

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