Six Degrees of Fornication Review - An Adult Dramady

6 degrees

It’s said that everyone is connected to everyone else by six degrees of separation and that is what, in effect, this play is meant to show.  

Six Degrees of Fornication, playing at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, on Thursday nights from January 28-March 4th runs with the premise in a dramedy about love and lust.

Six Degrees: Monique (Carolyn Ratteray)

Everyone, almost, is related to one another by a thin thread.  Monique ( Carolyn Ratteray)is two weeks away from her wedding to Ben ( Gerald Downey) but simply can’t help having sex with the singing telegram boy, Ryan (Michael Rubenstone).  Ryan, in turn, has been saving his money for a sexual fantasy and meets up with Melanie ( Sally Hall).  In her pursuit for greater sexual experiences, Monique has an affair with Ben’s lesbian sister, Lenore (Kalimba Bennet) and now is confused what she should do.  

When Lenore’s lover, Melanie (the prostitute), finds out about the time with Monique, she leaves her friend to move back with her father, George ( Judd Lawrence.)  In an effort to get Melanie back, Lenore visits George and gets cozy with him.  

Six Degrees: Ryan (Michael Rubenstone) and Melanie

Monique goes through with her wedding to marry Ben, unable to tell him that she is in love with his sister.  Though while he states undying love for Monique, he is busy with Melanie, whom he has been seeing for four years as a regular customer.  

Six Degrees: Monique and Ben (Gerald Downey)

To back up Melanie’s statement that everyone lies in bed, she greets her next client (Frank Payne) to show the versatility of the roles she plays.

Written by David Wally, the set was designed by Laura Fine Hawkes and lighting done by Stephen Taylor.  Costumes were done by Debbie Parr and graphic  design by  James Ketsdever.  The stage hand and stage managers were Marissa Parr and Nate Pontius.  Artistic director of the Whitefire theatre is Bryan Rasmussen.  

This play is definitely adult fare but doesn’t seem to know which way it wants to go.  It’s not quite over the top to be so very gross and yet it’s too over the top for many of the audience members.  The characters are superficial and often not consistent for who they are.  The scene with the extra client definitely did not add anything to the story.

Six Degrees: Melanie in action (Sally Hall)

One of the more realistic scenes was with the father and his interaction with his daughter.  

While there were some funny moments in the story, the play, as a whole, is wanting.  However, if you are in the mood for light adult sexual comedy (with some nudity), you might want to check it out.  

Tickets are $20 and can be had by calling 818 811 4111 or going on line to  

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