Say You Love Satan Theater Review - Dating the Damned

"Say You Love Satan" at The ATTIC Theatre & Film Center, 5429 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles.

Graduate student Andrew (Doug Sutherland) thought he was in for a quiet night of laundry and The Brothers Karamazov. Alone in the laundry mat, he was avoiding his ex- Chad (Drew Droege), whom he was bound to run into if he went out to the clubs. He was avoiding his friend Bernadette (Amber Flamminio), although there really is no way to avoid her since she calls every five minutes. He was avoiding dreamy Jerrod (Eric Jorgenson), the guy that is not his boyfriend, who dotes and pursues him with incredulous earnest. This is probably Andrew’s favorite place to just disappear in the wonderful world of Dostoyevski.

However tonight, Andrew can’t avoid looking at the incredibly hot guy who is also doing laundry. There was no missing the stranger’s six pack or the beautiful smile, or the fact that he was hitting on Andrew. And when Andrew discovers that he has read, Dostoyevski, Andrew is practically in love, and his name was Jack (Elias Gallegos) .

They leave their laundry, hit the clubs, dance the night away and never have to wait in line for anything. Andrew is so overwhelmed with the great night that he almost doesn’t notice the 666 mark at Jack’s hairline during their goodnight kiss. When Bernadette hears this she just can’t approve, especially when baby-loving doctor Jerrod is just waiting in the wings, completely in love with unworthy Andrew. There’s no way this guy could be as perfect as Jerrod.

Amber Flamminio and Elias Gallegos in "Satan You Love Satan"

                                                           Bernadette is proven right in their next date. Jack confesses that he is actually the son of Satan and wonders if Andrew has problem with it. Ah… Andrew doesn’t. And just like that, he’s dating Satan’s son. Frumpy, dumpy, sorta selfish Andrew has a hot boyfriend. It doesn’t matter if he’s the son of Satan. It doesn’t matter that Jack is slowly isolating him from his friends. It doesn’t matter if he can feel himself changing with every day they spend together. Or does it?

Say You Love Satan is a refreshing spin on many of our favorite classic plot lines ("The Devil comes down to Baltimore", "Good Boys who are attracted to Bad boys") The play takes an occult situation and plops itself lovingly in the heart of the gay world. This ensemble was just great with characters and performances that had the small Attic Studio space bursting at the seams.


Say You Love Satan is running now through February 24. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM @:

ATTIC Theatre & Film Center
5429 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles
Reservations: 323-525-0600 x2#

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