Reality Cares’ Camp Heartland Benefit – Laugh Your Socks Off

Laugh Factory Stage

These comedians and organizations joined hands for the Reality Cares’ Camp Heartland Benefit by Gaudy PR on July 7th, 2009 for a few hours of laughter at the world renowned Laugh Factory.  This charity performance gathered funds and raised awareness of their organization, One Heartland, for children traumatized by HIV/AIDS find a moment’s peace.  The sponsors for the event included JOICO - The Art of Healthy Hair, ONE – One Natural Experience and JETT Energy Vodka. 

Camp Heartland greeted guests with the opportunity to donate $20 to the charity for a raffle towards attending the " Chelsea Lately Show".   They presented VIPs with the option of meeting the entertainers on the upper deck or relaxing at their seats as they listened to music of famed DJ Manny Patel Jr. from London.  As eight o’clock drew near comedy lovers found their seats awaiting the unexpected excitement of the night.  The host, Heather McDonald's E! announced the performers of the evening and started the night off with a bang as an unanticipated performer, Sarah Collona, graced the stage with sarcastic humor picking on the audience in fun.

Sarah Collona Started the Night Off Right

The next comedian up, Guy Branum discussed his not so sleek physique including the audience interpretation of his age as one hysterically yells, “16.” 

Guy Branum Rolls the Audience to the Floor

One of Entertainment Weekly's "Top 12 Comedians To Watch," Jen Kirkman took the stage showcasing marital bliss (?) as the crowd rolled with laughter. 

Jen Kirkman Gets a Thumbs Up from the Crowd

Laughter and applause quickly spread throughout the audience as the performance carried into the night. 

Crowd Applauding with Uncontrollable Laughter

Most guests ecstatically cheered Chris Franjola when reality hit his stage hard.  Franjola's rendition was cut short when a couple of unbeknownst VIP guests left the front seats as the brunette rudely eluded his ridiculous performance.  Realizing the blonde left her golden clutch, Franjola backfired by displaying of her tampon for all.  The blonde re-entered outraged as she stammered up to the front to retrieve her things and gave him a piece of her mind yelling the violation of personal property as guards escorted her off the premises.  Franjola turned the act around easily being humorously candid.  Can you guess who the blonde pictured below?

Right: Holly Montag from "The Hills" (Image by Brian Putnam)

It's okay if you looked at the description.  Later Chris and the guests astonishingly discovered the blonde as Heidi Montag’s sister from the " Hills" on MTV, Holly Montag.  Not faded by the presence of a reality star, he persisted and gave a visual to ‘the show must go on’. 

Chris Franjola Described in One Word, Unforgettable

E! Entertainment’s Heather McDonald not only hosted the benefit, but gave the audience a lighthearted show with interpretations of slutty club commercials with the accents and body language to boot.  After her act, she started the raffle to get back to the cause at hand.

Heather McDonald Spices It Up

One Heartland handed off the ticket to “ Chelsea Lately” raffle winner and thanked the guests for their appearance at Camp Heartland Benefit.  This event not only created awareness of One Heartland, an organization for children with HIV/AIDS, but also asked for organization camp volunteers and raised funds for their cause.

Raffled Off Chelsea Lately Tickets

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