Proof Review - Genius at it's best

The award winning play, Proof, now plays at the NoHo Arts Center, 11136 Magnolia, North Hollywood, California, written by David Auburn, directed by Bob Morrisey, and assistant directed by Alex Robert Holmes, the play runs until February 21, 2010.  

Proof: Teal Sherer (Catherine) and Brad Blaisdell (Robert)- is she crazy?

Staring disabled actress, Teal Sherer (Catherine), the story centers around her hopes and fears.  Could she be going crazy like her famed mathematician father?  She is already showing signs of clinical depression.  The fact that she sees and talks to Robert ( Blad Blaisdell),even after his death, is certainly one good indication and yet – like her father, she is brilliant.  

Because of his disease, Catherine has been his caretaker for the past five years.  He has not worked in mathematics, despite his periods of lucidity, for all that time. 

During the week of his funeral, Catherine’s elder sister, Claire ( Collen Foy), descends from New York, ready to take care of her sister and deal with the circumstances in ways that Catherine does not like.  Also coming to the house during that critical time is Hal Dobbs ( Ryan Douglas), a former student of Robert’s, seeking to go over Robert’s notes.  

Proof: Ryan Douglas and Teal Sherer- decisions to be made

Slogging through the 103 notebooks, Hal finds nothing of importance until after initiating a romance with Catherine, she gives him the key to her personal journals.  It’s there that Hal discovers the proof to a complex problem, which has eluded mathematicians for years.  No one will believe Catherine that she wrote this proof, despite the fact that she has had little formal education.  

Proof: Ryan Douglas, Collen Foy (Claire) and Teal Sherer - is this proof hers?

Upset, Catherine throws them both out of the house and sinks into severe depression.  She acquiesces to her sister’s plan that Catherine move to New York with her.  The house is sold and she has no place else to go. Hal returns, trying to make amends.  He has checked out her proof and it works and it’s agreed that it wasn’t Robert’s handwriting, after all.  

The setting of the Chicago back porch, done by Lacey Anzelc and lighted by Luke Moyer is well thought out and authentic feeling.  Costume was done by Curtis C and sound by Jonathan Zenz and Ryan Douglas.  Graphics were done by Chad Coe and photography by Devin Dygert.  Publicity was Philip Sokoloff. 

Proof: Ryan Douglas (Hal) and Teal Sherer - the beginnings of romance

The script, produced by Ryan Douglas and Teal Sherer, in association with the No Ho Carts Center Ensemble, had a riveting thrust as Catherine searches for her truth.  The acting was superb with applause after each scene change.  

Tickets run $20 and shows are 8 pm Friday and Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday.  Reservations can be made by calling 323 960 7863 or going on line to

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