Naked Deception - Review - The Gay Answer To Desperate Housewives



  This comedy is the answer to watching a gay episode or two of 'Desperate Housewives'.  Three gay couples living on 'Laurel Lane' and are all best of friends - zooming in and out of each other's home constantly, most times without as much as a knock or doorbell!  When a young scheming, hunky 'bisexual' actor shows up at the home of one couple, masquerading as an expected visitor - he worms his way into the lives and sex lives of all three couples.   

His dream is to become a 'star' & he uses his voracious sexual appetite to try and make it happen - while wreaking havoc on all three couple's relationships.  A series of short blackouts and scenes take the audience through several days in the lives of these couples.

The actors in this show each take on a character of their own; although stereotypical yet very funny.   Collin (Bruce Hart) & Derrick (Roman Ruiz) play an interracial couple ready to make their 'commitment vows' in a ceremony which is continually on again, then off again depending on how their relationship is going that day.  They're struggling television writers whose first project bombed so they are both desperate for a hit!                 


Richard (Paul VanderRoest) is their best friend and the flitting 'queen' of the decorating committee for their ceremony.  His centerpiece idea seems to have cleaned out the sex store!  Meanwhile, his flaming partner Jack (Tom Colb) is the owner of a new internet porn site & constantly thinking of ways to publicize it - usually involving all of their friends!  Most of his outfits are right out of the catalogue!  Donovan (Kenny Williams) is a 'dizzy little Latin hunk' living in their pool house, and plays the role perfectly.

The third couple is Howard (Donaco Smyth), a plastic surgeon in West Hollywood who declares he's performed several 'butt lifts' (as he gazes around the audience as if to recognize past clients).  His shopaholic, materialistic sugarbaby lover Rex is played by (Sam Willocks).  Nothing is more important that him or his clothes and most recent purchase which he makes sure everyone notices!   

The standout performance of the show however, is played by Dylan Vox.  He resurrects his role as Shawn  (the 'hunk' who nobody can get rid of).  He's continuously playing on someone's sexual appetite, strutting around in various outfits that he knows look good on him, or on his cellphone with his midwest drawl, screaming or being screamed at by his girlfriend back home.  Vox has audience appeal, plus great facial expression & comedic timing which all make his evil character very likable and funny. 





There's a note on the billing which reads: 'Contains Full Frontal Nudity' - and it certainly lived up to the warning!  Donovan and Shawn both reveal themselves a few times, much to the delight of the audience!  However, I'm sure it was an integral part of the plot line as well and not just gratuitous nudity!?  Except perhaps Shawn mooning the audience at the curtain call?

The show is another VanderHart Production.  Written by Paul Vander Roest & Bruce Hart.  I didn't see their other 2 shows: 'It Started With A Lie' and 'Honey I'm Home', so I can't really compare however I get the feeling from the titles that gay theater is their genre.  This show is directed by Emett Loverde.  It had it's moments and was very entertaining, as well as great performances from a couple of very good actors.  I would have liked to see a bit more variety in the characters, rather than so many swishy queens.  A butch man was desperately needed to give Shawn a run for his money.  I also would have preferred a bit more scenery although with all of the comings and goings of the characters, they would have needed a revolving door!  

Take a break from 'Desperate Housewives' reruns and go see 'NAKED DECEPTION'.  It has returned to Los Angeles for 5 weeks at the Studio / Stage Theater July 28th through August 27th
Fri & Sat / 8pm, Sun / 2pm
Studio/Stage Theater - 520 N. Western Ave, Hollywood
Go to: for tickets & info

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