Love Tapes- An Adult romatic comedy of Boy meets Girl

At one time or another, all of us have entertained a fantasy about a famous star that we were convinced that we were in love with and going to marry (I still recall the lipstick prints that covered  my Prince poster during his Purple Reign in the mid 80's). Well fasten your seats folks, the new play, "Love Tapes" will take you beyond the poster kissing phase with side splitting results.

Dean Cameron

This newly released play was written by  Penn Jillette of the  famous magic/comedy duo Penn and Teller and Spongebob Squarepants writer Steven Banks.  Their take on the "boy meets girl" is quite entertaining.

Julie Mullen

Melinda is hopelessly in love with the front man of the rock band Umlaut. With his tight pants and long blonde hair, Melinda is completely infatuated with this rock icon. And like the Canadian Mounties, she is determined to get her man. With the help of some friends actin as accomplices she cooks up a scheme to win the heart of her rock prince; she sends him videotapes of herself in very revealing and compromising positions hoping to win his heart (among other things). Unbeknownst to her, Carl,  Kevin's personal assistant who reads through the tons of e-mail  Kevin receives, reviews the video tape and decides to win her heart for himself and the adventure begins.

Julie Mullen and Dean Cameron

Actress Julie Mullen is fantastic as Melinda. She does an excellent job at presenting Melinda as a funny, neurotic, obsessed fan. She also draws you into the character by displaying the vulnerable side of  and you are able to identify with her insecurities and need for love.  The hoola hoop scene complete with trivia is unforgettable. You will laugh yourself right under your seat. Actor Dean Cameron as the love struck personal assistant, Carl is equally good.  Both actors do such a great job with the neurotic behavior of these characters, you are left wondering when they are going to get together, the characters that is.

While this comedy is entertaining, it is not appropriate for children as the show contains nudity and adult humor. But all in all, you will enjoy this entertaining play.

The play is currently at the Sacred Fools Play House. Tickets are $20.  Show dates are  January 20, 23, 21,28, and February 4, 5, 11,12, 18, 19 at 8 PM, January 23 and 30 and February 6,13,20 at 7PM.  For reservations or more information, please call 310-281-8337 or visit thier website at:

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