"Let's All Kill Constance" by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's Pandemonium Theatre Company presents the World Premiere of a new play at the Court Theatre.  "Let's All Kill Constance" by Ray Bradbury.

Hollywood, 1960. The Golden Age of the big studio is nearing an end, with the conglomerates waiting to pounce and take over. But this is a town that was put on the map by shining stars, magical people with faces and figures we shouldn't quite forget. One such person is Constance Rattigan, still beautiful, aging but not faded (not for a while yet), with a shape molded by a regular regimen of ocean swimming.  In other words, she's still inspiring. She's also convinced that somebody wants her dead, so she is fleeing in terror of her life.

Gay Storm, James Snyder photo by Dennis J. Kent

One of her pursuers isn't trying to kill her. He's infatuated with her. He's a screenwriter and amateur detective, the hero of several novels by America's Storyteller, Ray Bradbury. The new show at the Court theatre is the world Premiere stage adaptation of his 2003 novel, "Lets All Kill Constance". Though Bradbury has long been identified with science fiction, "Constance" falls firmly within the mystery genre, and the book on which the new play is based has been Bradbury's fastest-selling ever.

The writer-hero of "Let's All Kill Constance" has a pack of chums who are aiding him in his attempt to locate Constance before a horrible death overtakes her. His pals include Elmo Crumley, a hard-drinking private dick; Blind Henry (the name describes him); and movie director Fritz Wong (a character based on two real Bradbury friends the late Fritz Lang and James Wong Howe).

Greg Baldwin, Charmaine A. Mancil, James Snyder photo by Dennis J. Kent

There's a problem. Constance visits several people in her desperate flight across Los Angeles. One by one, they suddenly die. Constance is not only in peril of her life. She's now a prime suspect in several possible murders.

Produced for Ray Bradbury's Pandemonium Theatre Company by Ray Bradbury, Thomas Petipas and Mindy Brandt.

Ray Bradbury most commonly known for his works of science fiction writes a first-rate mystery play in "Let's All Kill Constance". Chuck full of fun, eccentric and recognizable characters, twists, turns, and Old Hollywood flair.

Alan Neal Hubbs skillfully directs this intriguing; who done it? Long associated with Bradbury's work, Hubbs directed the very first stage adaptation of "The Martian Chronicles" in 1971. Last Year, he directed "Something Wicked this Way Comes", the inaugural show at Edgemar Center for the Arts. Also an actor, he appeared in  "BRADBURY: Past, Present & Future" at the Court Theatre in 2002.

Gay Storm, Mookie Barker photo by Dennis J. Kent

Well cast, James Snyder gives an excellent performance as The Writer. Snyder recently played Luke in "The Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes". Gay Storm is intense as the beautiful Constance, Charmaine A. Mancil is charming as Queen Califa. The talented Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man of the "Phantasm!" film franchise) not only turns out a skillful meticulous performance, but also steals the show from his fellow actors. The cast also includes: Greg Baldwin, Terrence Evans, Charles Sedgwick Hall, Michael Morrison, Phillip Sokoloff, Brian Stashick, Nick Swarts, and Tumbleweed.

This is a delightful play adapted from the Bradbury novel published in 2003. Full of flamboyant characters and plot twists that keep you guessing, "Let's All Kill Constance" is sure to become a theater classic and is a must see for any Bradbury, theater, mystery, or "Old Hollywood" fans.

Running now through May 22, 2004.
Location: The Court Theatre, 72 . La Cienega Blvd. (north of Melrose Ave), West Hollywood
Showtimes: Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sunday matinees at 3 p.m.
Admission: $25. Sutdents and seniors, $15. Preview $10.
Reservastions and Information: 1 800 595 4849
Online Ticketing: www.tix.com

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