Kimberly Akimbo Review - Disorder, Anticipation, Humor, and Love - Great Stuff!

Kimberly Akimbo - (L) Lisa Glass (Debra)- (R)Sandra Kinder (Kimberly)

Kimberly Akimbo is about a potty mouth mom and dad who have a deep dark secret and a 16 year old daughter who is suffering from an extraordinary disease, causing her body to age 4 times faster than normal.

When Kimberly and her family flee Secaucus under dubious circumstances, she is forced to reevaluate her short life while contending with a hypochondriac mother, a rarely sober father, a scam-artist aunt, and the possibility of first love with her socially-challenged classmate Jeff whose favorite pastimes are writing anagrams and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Contending with a family that gives new meaning to the word “dysfunctional,” Kimberly must find a way to give meaning to her life and live it to the fullest no matter what the consequences.

I thought the show was full of humor, love, disorder, and anticipation – I enjoyed it completely!

The production featured:

Sandra Kinder (Kimberly), Sandra was truly the right choice as Kimberly. She played the perfectly sweet 16 year old, naïve young girl dealing with a deadly disease. At times I felt like she really did have the disease and my heart went out to her. Likewise, There were many comical moments that uplifted the show, especially when she was trying to parent her immature parents. 

Sandra has been seen on stage in Bird Germs and The House On Lake Desolation with Vox Humana, The Strip at the Evidence Room, Happy Xmas at Third Stage, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? at Greenway Court, and The Cocktail Hour at The Colony. Film credits include Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me, Playing God, Dream Lover, Straight Right, The New Women and The Zeros. TV appearances include: The Seventies, ER, Ellen and Sabrina The Teenaged Witch.

Kimberly Akimbo - (L) Christian Campbell (Buddy)- (R) Sandra Kinder (Kimberly)

Katharine Phillips Moser (Pattie) caught my ear as the hypochondriac mother of Kimberly. Although a little annoying, she gave something real to the production with her high pitched, siren voice. Obsessed with her pregnancy, I felt like she was a real-life pregnant pain-in-the-ass wife as she penguin walked through her kitchen as a neglectful mother to Kimberly and a nagging wife to Buddy. But after awhile, her piercing voice sort of grew on me. 

Katharine was last seen in Vox Humana’s productions of Picasso Does My Maps, Arcadia, a staged reading of The Memory of Water and three One Act Festivals.

Lisa Glass (Debra) was Katherine’s sister-in-law who was trying to live a good life but, somehow, was an up-to-no-good thug. She portrayed her thuggish character to the “T" always checking behind her back to see who was watching her. At the same time, she displayed such sweet, genuine affection and emotion as auntie to Kimberly--I loved her! Throughout the show, Debra lifted the audience with laughter at the right moments. In particularly, when she appeared in her brother’s kitchen lugging in a street-corner mail box - the audience was in hysterics. Lisa is making her Vox Humana debut. She was one of three actors chosen from Los Angeles for the Steppenwolf Theater Ensemble Project: an intensive residency program at Chicago’s renowned Steppenwolf Theater.

Kimberly Akimbo - (L)Sandra Kinder (Kimberly) (C) Daniel M. Burrows (Jeff)(R) Christian Campbell (Buddy)

Favorite theater includes, most recently, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth and the West Coast Premiere of Neil LaBute’s Autobahn, for the Open Fist Theater; The Friedman Family Fortune, opposite Edward Asner and JD Cullum, and Yahrzeit with Len Lesser, both for the Celebrity Staged Play Reading Series; the World Premiere of Aram Saroyan’s At The Beach House, with Orson Bean, directed by Marcia Rodd at the Lost Studio Backstage Garland Award Honorable Mention for Best Performance. Film/TV includes: The Young and The Restless, Days of Our Lives, 10-8.

Christian Campbell (Buddy) was a compelling grouchy drunk and an unreliable father who made promises he couldn’t keep to Kimberly, however so, he had endearing moments with his daughter Kimberly as they danced late at night. Christian has recently returned to the stage after a successful career as an executive in TV operations at Paramount Pictures.  Most recently he starred in the one-act play Rex at the Edgemar Center. Prior to Paramount, he performed in several regional productions around the country, toured in The Music Man in the title role of Harold Hill, and was a member of the famed troupe The Young Americans. He has also directed or stage managed Stevie Wonder, Placido Domingo, Sidney Potier, Smokey Robinson and Merv Griffin in tribute concerts.

Daniel M. Burrows (Jeff) was outstanding as the nerdy new beau of Kimberly. He was the perfect nerd with his sudden, nervous giggle. I loved his affection for Kimberly – it was heartfelt, tender, and genuine. I don’t know how old this actor is, but he was a convincing teen-age bookworm on stage.

Daniel is proud to be in his first show with his new company. Daniel’s professional classical background includes Twelfth Night, Julius Ceasar, Much Ado About Nothing, Richard III, Knight of the Burning Pestle, and Tartuffle, to name a few. He has a BFA in musical theatre from Syracuse University. He has recently filmed a hilarious movie called Whiffleball, and is looking for his next role as a foul mouthed chain smoking children’s clown.

About the writer: David Lindsay-Abaire

David Lindsay-Abaire is a Pulitzer Prize winning American playwright, best known for Fuddy Meers and for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Winner in Drama Rabbit Hole.

About the director: Heidi Yudis

Heidi has been a member of Vox Humana since 2003, and had performed in many of their productions over the years including: The Memorandum, The Comedy of Errors, Lion In the Streets, and Bird Germs. Heidi has worked as an activity coordinator for the company and has produced and/or directed several staged readings with Vox including Win/Lose/Draw, The Herbal Bed, and the first incarnation of Kimberly Akimbo with the company two years ago. In Los Angeles, Heidi has also directed several productions including A Christmas Carol, and Beautiful Bodies. She is a designated Linklater Voice teacher and is the head of the Voice and Speech Department at Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood.

Kimberly Akimbo - (L)Sandra Kinder (Kimberly) (R)Daniel M. Burrows (Jeff)

About the producer: Lisa Guzman

Lisa is a founding member of Vox Humana and has been involved in every production since its inception. She is thrilled that Vox has just celebrated its seventh birthday!

About the producer: Paul Lauden

Paul’s play The Hot Dog completed a sold out and critically acclaimed run at the Bindlestiff Studio Insane Francisco and was selected by the Prague Ensemble Theaterin The Czech Republic. He has also written Happy Birthday! Silence is Golden and It’s a Grind. His ongoing show Channel Surfing will have its 19th performance this September and was the headline of the Prague Fringe Festival. Paul has produced two feature films, an independent pilot, and the hidden-camera show Public Prank which he hosts. He has been cast in two feature films for 2008 and is represented by Synergy Talent.

Kimberly Akimbo is wonderful dark comedy. I laughed and I cried. I was impressed with the great talent of the cast, and I didn’t get bored one bit. The actors should be recognized for their authentic talent. Likewise, the producers and director should be congratulated for putting on such an entertaining production.

The only disappointment about the production is that it came to an end. I have to admit, I got caught in the family chaos -- I didn’t want it to stop. There was so much excitement going. What was going to happen to the family: Was dubious Debra going to get away with stealing those checks? Were Kimberly and Jeff going to fall in love? Then what was life going to be like for Buddy, Pattie and the newborn baby? And how would Kimberly deal with her deadly disease?
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