Just a Spoonful of Monologue

Now showing at the Avery Schreiber Theater, The Pauly and Paddy Show, performed and directed by Paul Schackman and Partrick Wilkins, black curtain and all.  I went to two shows; one just wasn't enough. The two writer / performers also directed each others monologues, a feat I considered efficient, if not down right brilliant. After one spoonful of monologue after another the play came to life in quite delightful ways. 


The show begins with the good doctor, performed by Paul Schackman, eating and yelling his way through a sandwich, multiple cell phone calls and the dark humor of an unsightly mole growing out of a patient's ear.  The lights flash, and he breaks into a song and dance, "Burning for you with a gun on your ear." 


And then we move on to the proverbial coffee shop with Greg performed by Patrick Wilkins.  Everyone's met a guy like Greg.  You've either been behind him, or in front of him or heaven forbid the object of his desire.  Greg represents all those stupid moments and nervous affections that accompany the tremors of unrequited love, only he possesses them all simultaneously. 

The last three monologues were my favorite.  Don't Move Me, performed by Schackman and directed by Wilkins sparked the trilogy that would top off the night.  I was lulled into the speech of a salesman, complete with all the shenanigans a man of his profession might possess.  And he leads us, one story at a time to a poignant moment, the moment that he's been talking about the entire time.

After the 15-minute intermission, The Deposition begins.  In all the monologues, the actors transformed completely, however in this piece the transformation was nothing short of remarkable.  The energetic characters of Schackman's first act have subsided to reveal the hands in the lap, gentle, determined movements of a refined lady who tells us to "be the first on the block to own your own organ-grinder," a lady with a story to tell, a tale that has no tail.

And that leaves us with just one Dish Served Cold performed by Patrick Wilkins.   A not so elegant toast to the groom and his blushing bride is the icing on the cake or the "greased pig" if you will, of the evening.  Once again, everyone has heard of a real life situation when a) someone only thought of telling the sorted truth to the world and b) someone actually said it.  After a cigarette and a few shots of whisky followed by a beer chaser, anything is possible.

The new site of the play, the Avery Schreiber Theatre is located at 11050 Magnolia Boulevard in the heart of the thriving North Hollywood's theatre district just down the street from the North Hollywood Diner and between Lankershim and Vineland.  It's a quaint little theatre with a welcoming entrance and raised audience seating that can seat around 35 patrons.  The show runs until December 19th, tickets are $15.00, shows are Sundays at 7:00pm and don't be late, because the doors will be locked.

If you would like more information or theater times you may call 818.481.8072 or visit thier website at: averyschreibertheatre.com

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