In & Out : The US of Alienation Theatre Review - An Unforgiving and Brutally Honest Fun Night of Theatre

IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION plays at the Whitefire Theatre every Tuesday night at 8:00PM starting July 13th through September 14th

Writer and director David Wally presented IN & OUT:  THE US OF ALIENATION to packed audience on Tuesday night at Sherman Oaks’ Whitefire Theatre.  In the words of the writer, IN & OUT “takes an abstract look into the lives of a disconnected group of disaffected folks, lost in America and most certainly lost in Los Angeles.”  The play touches on common themes and intertwines them into seven thought-provoking seriocomedic scenes.  With stark set decorations and simplistic lighting, Wally was able to convey to the audience through the dialogue of each character’s struggle as they search for meaning and resolution.  Another genius move on the director’s part was having his actors play multiple characters which gave them a chance to stretch their acting muscles.

In the first scene PRODUCTION OFFICE, two co-workers Donna (Stella V. Wilkins) and Brittany (Devon Ogden) snark and jab at each other over an office affair that they are respectively having with their chauvinistic boss, Carter.  The delivery of Wilkins and Ogden made for great entertainment as each woman’s objective was to one up the other in a battle of who was the better woman for the “job” and for Carter.  PRODUCTION OFFICE stars Stella V. Wilkins, Devon Ogden and Sarah Schreiber.

Bill (Billy Snow) and Ted (Jay Bingham wax philosophy all for the love of the sport in IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION

In FAMILY ROOM, the scene delves into a seemingly idyllic couple’s lives, Mike (David M. Edelstein) and Debby (Anne Marie Howard) with their children and how their bickering draws a negative impact on them.  This scene is the most realistic in this series as it deals with children’s reactions and blurred perceptions.  Luke (Jesse Pilchen) and Maddy (Lilah Wally) are believable as the siblings who wonder about their parent’s uncertain relationship.  FAMILY ROOM stars David M. Edelstein, Anne Marie Howard, Jesse Pilchen and Lilah Wally.

Suzanne (Anne Marie Howard) and Rod (Gregor Manns) discuss hard economic times in IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION

DOWNTOWN BAR is a comedic tale about chauvinistic boss, Carter (who we finally meet thanks to the set up in PRODUCTION OFFICE) who exploits his extramarital affair to get what he wants.  The scene is a cat and mouse game about who ends up with the upper hand as Carter (David M. Edelstein) and Hayley (Michelle Bernard) go head-to-toe over the details of their scandalous affair which ends up having surprising twists and turns.  The real star of this gem was Chappie (played humorously by Billy Snow) who stole the show with dialogue that is reminiscent of every pick up line that a guy would use to snare his prey at a bar.  DOWNTOWN BAR stars Kalimba Bennett, Michelle Bernard, Billy Snow, David M. Edelstein and Anne Marie Howard.

Malcolm (Juan Pope) is intertwined in two scenes for IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION

In SANTA MONICA BAR, Bill (Billy Snow) and Ted (Jay Bingham) watch a competitive basketball game while an intrusive third party, Malcolm (Juan Pope) brings to the table philosophical banter over why they prefer certain ideologies.  This scene was first showcased in QUICKIES TOO! SCENES FROM A BAR.  The comic timing of each character made this scene enjoyable as it felt like this would be common conversation one would find at a sports bar.  SANTA MONICA BAR stars Gregor Manns, Juan Pope, Billy Snow and Jay Bingham

In GRIFFITH PARK, Vince (Jay Bingham) is your typical guy who has fallen hard on times as he struggles internally to get back what little manhood that has been taken away from him because of the economy.  With his supportive wife, Blythe (Sarah Schreiber) and his obnoxiously funny drug dealer, Mary Jane (Devon Ogden) in the mix, you begin to understand certain elements that come to light.  GRIFFITH PARK stars Jay Bingham, Billy Snow, Sarah Schreiber and Devon Ogden.

Blythe (Sarah Schreiber), Vince (Jay Bingham) and Mary Jane (Devon Ogden) play seamlessly off each other in IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION


LINDBERG PARK tells the story of homeless man, Rod (Gregor Manns), who sheds some light and brings out the compassionate side of Lilly (Stella V. Wilkins) and the not-so-compassionate side of Suzanne (Anne Marie Howard) during the setup of a party in the park.  The acting for this scene was the strongest in delivery as one could feel the hard times that have befallen on Rod who clearly states how things can change at any moment.  The chemistry between these three people on how they dealt with this situation worked very well.  LINDBERG PARK stars Gregor Manns, Stella V. Wilkins and Anne Marie Howard.

Molly (Kalimba Bennett) and Kristen (Michelle Bernard) discuss their relationship in IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION


And finally in SANTA MONICA BEACH, Malcolm (Juan Pope from the SANTA MONICA BAR scene) meets Molly (Kalimba Bennett) and strike up a seemingly comfortable and unassuming conversation and find out they have the same common interests.  The scene works seamlessly well as two strangers come together because of commonalities and then, of course, a third party, Kristen (Michelle Bernard) interrupts the connection and leaves you wondering what could have been.  SANTA MONICA BEACH stars Juan Pope, Kalimba Bennett and Michelle Bernard

Carter (David M. Edelstein) and Hayley (Michelle Bernard) go toe-to-toe over their illicit affair in IN & OUT: THE US OF ALIENATION

Overall, IN & OUT:  THE US OF ALIENATION explored various themes that are guaranteed to resonate with theatre spectators.  Under the direction and the writing of David Wally, he takes the avid theatre buff on a journey where realizations and understandings are being brought to forefront.  In essence, IN & OUT is a great night of theatre not to be missed. 

IN & OUT:  The US of Alienation plays at:

Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA  91423
Valet Parking is available for $5.00

Special Show Info.
Running time:  Approximately 90 minutes.
There will be an intermission.

For Reservations, please contact:
(818) 990-2324
For more information, visit: (

Every Tuesday July 13th
through September 14 @ 8PM

Photos provided by Jennifer May / Reel Sessions

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