Goose And Tomtom

In David Rabe's dark humor 'Goose And Tomtom' we are allowed to witness two co-dependant wannabe wise guys struggle to navigate the blurred line between insanity and reality, hope and anguish, in their delusional existence as small-time jewel thieves.

Within their strange and unsettling friendship this story unfolds. It's a delicate balance where each one is the other's indicator, struggling moment to moment to be certain they are maintaining some sort of a grip on their lost lives. They consistently engage in macho posturing and verbal dance which gets up to dizzying speeds of hilarious back and forth psychotic banter which keeps each other's sanity in check and is sheer delight for the audience. Michael Lanahan (Goose) and David Wilcox (Tomtom) metamorphosized into their two characters innately, which made it a very rich theatrical experience.

Three's trouble

Attached to Goose and Tomtom is the controlling, sultry Lorraine (Jaime Andrews), who has these two hair-trigger loose cannons eating out of her hand. They are at her beck and call and will do anything to the point of murder to win the continuing approval and affections of their ideal female fantasy.

The drama unfolds as Lorraine announces that her stolen jewels have been stolen. They suspect the culprit is their nemisis, Bingo (Adam Bitterman), who's sister, Lulu (Lisa Anne Nicolai), is their kidnapped prisoner, to be used as ransom and whatever else they choose.They feel that by standing up and defeating their ultimate rival, they will have somehow circumvented their own demons. This all culminates as a big surprise as unsuspected forces dramatically intervene and the characters encounter violent resoltuions to their situations.

Within the twisted inroads of all of the character's fragile and tormented emotional states, lies the most basic elements behind all human needs.

'Goose And Tomtom' is directed by Joe Jordon and is currently playing at the Sacred Fools Theatre through August 20, 2005.

Sacred Fools Theatre Company
660 N. Heliotrope
Los Angeles, CA 90004
For tickets, call: (310) 281-8337

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