God Of Vengeance - Review

God Of Vengeance  was written by Jewish novelist Sholem Asch at the turn of the 20th century.  Though it was met with rave reviews by audiences in Europe, for it's time, the content of the play landed the 21 year old on trial for obscenity after the theatre was raided opening night. He was later quitted and the play has had several successful runs since Sholem released the rights for the play to be adapted after 1945.

Rani Free and Sara Shapley

The story is set in Russian Poland where Yankel Tshaptshovitsh played by Tom Bidal is the proprietor of a brothel that is located below the apartment he shares with his wife and 17-year-old daughter, Rivkele. Not wanting his daughter to be corrupted by the influences of the brothel, he seeks to secure a husband for her so she can have a family and carry on the moral values that every decent Jewish family should possess, the values he himself has failed to live up to. In his pursuit, he feels that God does not want this to happen.

Yankel finds his efforts are in vain when he discovers his daughter has fallen in love  with one of his prostitutes, Mankel. Upon this discovery a series of events unfold that leads Yankel to believe that for his sins he is not being confronted with the God of Mercy, but a God of Vengence. Tom Bidal with his gut renching performance  leads a stellar cast in this thought provoking play.

The play will run every Friday through Sunday From March 4, to April 10th 2005 at the Coleman and Smith Artistic Company located at 6902 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. Show times are Friday and Saturday at 8 pm Sundays at 3pm.  This Play does contain adult content and is not suitable for children.

For more information please call 323-960-7829 or visit the website at www.plays411.com


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