Fuggedaboudit means forget it

Fuggedaboudit means “Forget about it” in Brooklynese and that is what I would say about this play.   The actors, however, preformed admirably and could have done far better with a more unified vehicle. 

Fuggedaboudit - Charles M Howell IV (Augusto) and Christopher Le Crenin (Billy)

Opening August 14, 2009 and running through September 20, 2009, the story is about Guy ( Shaw Jones) , a gorgeous male model who apparently has everything but a memory.  Having had a recent car crash, he is brought home from the hospital to meet “his friends” and hopefully to regain some remembrances.  

The phrase, “everything but the kitchen sink” applies in this mis-mash play.  The evening starts with a curtain raiser.  To those of us who are uneducated, the curtain raiser is a short introduction play that fills time since the playwright and director, Gordon  Bressack, who plays one of the clowns in this pre-play, along with Marie Broderick, worried that there wasn’t enough of the main play to fill the time.  A nonsensical little skit, these characters are tied by a loose thread to the main skit. 

Fuggedaboudit- Shaw Jones (Guy) and Tara Ciabattoni (Renee)

We experience, along with Guy, his ex finance, Victoria ( Mary Kay Riley), his current girlfriend, Renee (Tara Ciabattoni), two of his gay friends Augusto ( Charles M Howell IV – who is also one of the executive producers) and Billy ( Christopher Le Crenn), as well as ditzy cocaine addicted Wendy ( Jessica Rose) and her husband Mark ( Gerrence George) who is Guy’s half brother.  Each of them has a memory to impart and we learn about Guy’s cocaine habit from Paul ( Armen Torosyan) the Brooklyn mobster type who has come to claim the money Guy owes him.  We go into fetishes, unexpected pregnancy, homosexual relationships, broken promises, and a Bette Davis performance.  Even the neighbors from the pre-skit come to join in the walk down memory lane.  

The play, itself, has a predictable ending, which I won’t spoil in case you do want to see it.  

The writer and producer, Bressack and Howell, have won three Emmy’s for writing and producing,but this was not one of their better works.  

Set design was good, however, and the posters of the model, done by Will Haynes, added to the motif.  Others involved were executive producer, Kenneth P. Lombino, Steven Pope (lighting design) and producers Sandra and Michael Whalen and Tom Ruegger.  Andrew Murdock did the sound cue production and worked with Alexander Irvine on the poster image.  

For more information  and online discounts, go to www.plays411.com/fugg.  For reservations 323 960 7763.  Tickets cost $28 and running time is 90 minutes with intermission.  Times are 8 pm Friday and Saturday and 7 pm on Sundays.  A cafe is available for pre-play dinners and valet parking is handy for those who need or wish it. 

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