Friday Night QUICKIES Theatre Review - A Collection of Entertaining Snippets

Actress and writer Ashley Taylor along with Bryan Rasmussen in association with Whitefire Theatre unleashed their outrageous comedic gem FRIDAY NIGHT QUICKIES:  ORIGINAL BEDROOM TALES to a sold out crowd .  Taylor, Rasmussen and along with a myriad group of talented writers and actors created eight original 10 minute short plays presented in one evening that touched upon a variety of themes such as love, betrayal, humor, drama and extreme satire. 

FRIDAY NIGHT QUICKIES runs every Friday from July 17th through August 14th at the Whitefire Theatre at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks

The genius thing about the FRIDAY NIGHT QUICKIES concept is the staging.  With the use of just bedroom props (i.e. a bed, end table, lamp, dresser, etc.), the challenge for each play was to create an engaging and effective production with a plausible beginning, middle and end in only 10 minutes.

First up on deck was the play BEDTIME STORY starring Hanni Feldheger and Bryan Rasmussen is an outlandish comedy about a daughter pleading with her father to tell her a bedtime story.  The story and the scenario unfolded quite well as Rasmussen and Feldheger played father and daughter beautifully and made the scene entertaining.  BEDTIME STORY was written by Marty Parker and directed by Tom Shell.

Next up was NON-SMOKING ROOM starring Gil Darnell and Leah Falls.  This scene tells the complicated story of a couple who are married to other people and meet in a hotel room to have an affair.  While having their steamy encounter, certain elements of truth and realizations begin to unfold.  Darnell and Falls worked seamlessly well together to create the chemistry the writer's script called for.  NON-SMOKING ROOM was written and conceived by Kerry Bailey.

The next scenario LOVERS AND GIRLFRIENDS AND BEDS, OH MY! stars Kelly Brooks, Sally Hall and Paige Ryan.  Writer and director David Wally upped the ante and gave his actresses some heavy dramatic stuff rich in texture to sink their teeth into.  What was interesting about this scene was that these actresses switch up their parts each time for each performance, a very nice touch for his actresses to play out.

Leah Falls and Gil Darnell contemplate their torrid situation in the comedy NON-SMOKING ROOM

In I WILL IF YOU WILL, a husband and wife revealed some startling truths about themselves that redefined their relationship completely and took it to an unprecedented level.  The real-life husband and wife team of Ashley and Stephen Taylor brilliantly played their comedic moments to the hilt, definitely one of the strongest pieces in the bunch.  I WILL IF YOU WILL was written by Ashley Taylor and directed by Adam Conger.

QUICKIE tackled the issue of conception in a light manner that is funny as well as almost on the borderline of poignant.  The scene played on several levels as the lead actress ( Drier) descended into desperation over her almost impossible situation.  QUICKIE stars Elizabeth Drier and Christopher Rich and written by Robin Ribakoff and directed by Moosie Drier.

Husband and wife team of Ashley and Stephen Taylor comedically plays out their segment I WILL IF YOU WILL

Next up was BROKEN TOYS starring Steve Apostalina and Lia Sargent about a couple who gets an added jolt to their sex life which takes their relationship to another level.  Sargent’s subtle humor brought this tale to life and along with Apostalina’s humor, this segment flowed and brimmed with laughter.  This "vibrant" tale was written by Dan Spector and directed by Moosie Drier.

Finally, there was CUFFS starring Tony Nunes and Kate Warner as a guy who woke up only to find himself in a sticky situation and having to find a creative way to get himself out of the mess he got into.  Nunes does a great job of playing the panic-stricken guy.  CUFFS was written by Ashley Taylor and directed by Christian Lohf.

In LOVERS AND GIRLFRIENDS AND BEDS, OH MY!, Kelly Crooks, Sally Hall and Paige Ryan plays out their dramatic moments for FRIDAY NIGHT QUICKIES

What’s very unique about each one of these plays was the fact that each one touched upon everyday parallel subjects and told them in an entertaining aspect.  The process of seeing each one of these stories unfold was amazing.  Each actor effectively used the space that was given to them to create wonderful stage pictures.  An added bonus was how effectively each scene change played out.  FRIDAY NIGHT QUICKIES was overall an enlightening evening full of laughter and drama that sustained the audience’s attention leaving them to wonder what other madcap scenario was going to unfold next. 


Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA  91423
Valet Parking is available for $5.00

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Running time: Approximately 90 minutes.
There will be an intermission.
For Reservations, please contact:
(818) 990-2324

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Every Friday starting July 17th
through August 14 @ 8PM 

Buy Tickets
$25 (1/2 Price available are available)

Photos provided by Ashley Taylor, still photo of NON-SMOKING ROOM provided by Paul Forte and photo from LOVERS AND GIRLFRIENDS AND BEDS, OH MY! provided by David Wally

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