Dragon Tales Live Breathes Fantasy and Fun


An enthusiastic litter of children lined the streets outside of the Pantages Theatre on February 2, 2006 to witness their favorite dragons come to life.  As the doors opened for a seven o'clock show, old and young burned theatre rubber in an effort to stock up on revolving Wheezie flashlights and Norm the Number Nomb key chains being sold to enlighten an already glowing crowd.   

Dragon Tales, an animated fantasy adventure series targeted at three to six year-olds launches their viewers into the enchanting world of sister and brother team Emmy and Max and the four dragons they meet in dragon land.  The tale seeks to help children overcome obstacles and cope with fears through content that challenges and supports their growth and development.  Created by the PBS Kids network, Dragon Tales is part of PBS's 'Ready to Learn' program initiated in 1994 to prepare children for success in school by creating and distributing educational television.  The 'Ready to Learn' roster consists of an all star line-up of animation including the celebrated and notorious Sesame Street, Barney and Teletubbies series.

The concert began with a cheery welcome from Erin, CJ, Dean and Samantha (the night's MC's) who insisted the audience stand up and 'shake our dragon tails' to further sensationalize the show's spirit.  As kaleidoscoping dragons and shooting stars welcomed the start of the show, oversized blue and pink dragons emerged from behind forest garlanded curtains stirring up anticipation and awe while prompting quarter-sized fans to roar with approval for their favorite dragon.  After being introduced to Ord and Simon, Cassie and Mr. Pop, fans were jolted into a sing-along helping to establish the plot of the show.

This particular Dragon Tales Live production was premised around the misplacement of Mr. Pop's sound catcher which has the ability to encapsulate and store any and all sounds.  Whoever has taken this device has captured the sound from the 'singing spring' and is slowly eliminating all sound from dragon land, causing a major hubbub in the dragon community.  In an effort to regain the sound catcher and restore the delight of music in the land, Emmy, Max and their dragon friends seek the advice of Quetzal, the teacher in Dragon Land's School who offers strength, stability and safety.  The team embarks on an investigative exploration amongst jingle flowers and rapping rhyme birds, through dandelion forests and folk dancers in an effort to work together and unstitch the quilted mystery.

Sour patch sucking, milk dud popping youngsters were on the edge of their parents' laps.  As the mystery unfolds kids are taught valuable lessons through sing-along songs such as 'Bet You Can' seeking to instill value and confidence or 'Speak up and let yourself be heard' promoting the importance of a child's confidence in voicing their thoughts and feelings.  Fantastical, whimsical, educational, Dragon Tales Live is a must see.

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