Don't Forget to Remember Theatre Review - A Superbly Acted Drama

World Premiere at the Lounge Theatre on Theatre Row in Hollywood

Andrew Baker (Shelly Kurtz) is the type of guy that takes care of everything. An English professor and poet, he receives a few pieces of news that require both his attention and all his powers of persuasion. The good news: his daughter Sarah (Lisa Clifton) is getting married to her long time partner Laura. This is good news to Andrew, but a nightmare to Andrew’s wife and Sarah’s mother, conservative Catholic stay at home wife Dolores (Trudy Forbes).

Sarah’s achievement of being a doctor has nothing on the shame Dolores feels over her daughter being a lesbian. The issue had divided the family in the past, but the marriage news is enough to drive Dolores over the edge. She can’t bring herself to be as accepting as her husband and asked Sarah to not come by “for a while”. Hurt, but not completely surprised, Sarah leaves with her father’s promise that he will definitely be attending.

Trudy Forbes (l) and Shelly Kurtz (r) in "Don't Forget to Remember"

                                                            It is only when Andrew attempts to change Dolores’ mind about attending their daughter’s wedding that he finally tells his wife the bad news: he has Alzheimer’s disease. Fully aware of what is to become of him in his near future, Andrew presses Dolores’ doggedly until he finally extract the promise that when the time is right, she will help him end his own life. But as she watches her vivacious husband deteriorate, will she have the strength to keep her promise?

Don’t Forget to Remember is a touching, intimate, yet simply story about three people who actually come face to face with that infamous moment of truth in their lives. What does one do when that defining moment of what and who do you love most has to be answered with action? Don’t Forget… depicts the fluidity of ideas and forgiveness and love as three characters make very different journeys only to arrive in the same place.

(l to r) Shelly Kurtz, Lisa Clifton & Trudy Forbes in "Don't Forget to Remember"

This entire cast did a lovely job with performances that were as compelling as they were visceral.  Shelly Kurtz is fantastic as an exuberant, playful professor and husband whose spirit – body and mind – literally withers away right before the audience’s eyes. Trudy Forbes’ Dolores is the portrait of confusion, conflict and ultimately, unwavering love.  Lisa Clifton navigates the emotional spectrum from rejection to sorrow to strength with remarkable easy and truth. All the roles were portrayed with such pure realism. Well Done.

Patricia Parker’s Don’t Forget to Remember makes its World Premiere on August 1, 2009 and runs through September 6, 2009 at:

Lounge Theatre
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Reservations call: (323) 960-7780

Photos by: Ed Krieger

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