Dolores Theatre Review - Sisterly Love That Hurts

Dolores show dates are Sundays, May 3rd, 10th & May 17th, and Monday, May 4th @ The Lounge Theatre in Hollywood.

Sandra (Bonnie Root) is looking forward to her Sunday afternoon alone with her People Magazine and Coca-Cola, without kids and husband Vinnie. Unfortunately for her, her sister Dolores (Betsy Moore) is looking for a place to hide from her abusive husband. She sneaks into the unlocked front door and begs for asylum once again.

Yes, once again. Dolores’ family stood by and watched why her marries the wrong guy, three times. The latest fiasco, Jerry has given her a black eye and she begs for a place to regroup, hide until she can figure out what to do.

Sandra has a moody beau of her own and does not want anything to do with her sister’s problems. Moreover, she certainly doesn’t want to make waves between herself and Vinnie, especially since things have been real good lately.

Betsy Moore in "Dolores" @ The Lounge Theatre

So what does one do when your family is tacitly accepting of domestic violence? If dad did it to mom and mom stayed, why shouldn’t their three daughters come to understand that it was all part of marriage?

Dolores is a story of two women who are living with domestic violence before there was a word for it. The one act takes place in a time before the meaty years of Oprah and at a time when women were still looked down upon for leaving a decent man.

The success of a dark comedy can often be gauged by the audience’s uncertainty of whether to laugh or to be appalled. By that standard, Dolores is a very successful show. Bonnie Root and Betsy Moore both give honest performances that were gripping, ironic and heartfelt in all the right beats. Set in Providence, Rhode Island, the performers accents are more of a distraction than an embellishment to the characters. But the acting and story are solid, just the right for a space the size of the Lounge Theatre

Betsy Moore (l) & Bonnie Root (r) in "Dolores"

Dolores tells an intimate, bittersweet story of how one’s family upbringing can be one’s undoing, and how one’s family can also be one’s savior. This production is a supporter of Peace Over Violence, “a non-profit, feminist, multicultural volunteer organization dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence."

Dolores show dates are Sundays, May 3 thru May 17th and Monday, May 4th @ 8PM.

The Lounge Theatre
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

For reservations: (323) 960-7822

Photo Credit: Shelli Wright

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