Destiny's Calling

Until you see this play, you may not have yet realized that the main character's predicament could be any of ours at some point in our lives. Do we all possess talents which are left to wither away, to...die on the vine?

Peer pressure

That is what struggling middle-aged writer Earl Whitman (played by a Brando-esque Gary Telles) faces, literally. A talent going to waste, he hasn't finished a work in seven years since his last best-selling novel. A constant pot-smoker, he witnesses time passing before his eyes as his peers and proteges rise above him.


Ever-supportive wife (Debbie McLeod)

The only person still in his court is his wife, Linda. Her June Cleaver persona (played flawlessly by Debbie McLeod) loves him unconditionally despite it all.

Destiny revealed

But he finds out that there is a huge price to pay for letting his talents languish. Mr. 'Universe', in the embodiment of creative actor Christopher Cass, makes a surprise visit to Earl, announcing that his time is up; he hasn't delivered on his God-given talents and now he has to return them and face the end'

Act one is sprinkled with the colors of his life, where you see all of the insidious elements that have subtly brought Earl to his present condition. Within the confines of a play with so many elements, it's difficult to get much deeper into the complexities of the personalities and their other relationships, which of many different things were hinted at. But the metaphysical messages in the story definitely inspire one to see where they may apply to their own life.

Therapy ala insanity

Act Two takes us on Earl's journey to stop the madness. Linda insists that Earl go see Dr. Manson, a deeply disturbed therapist with multiple issues, who is of no help whatsoever. A diatribe ensues between the two that is so uproariously funny, that I personally would go see the play again just to see that scene once more. Brilliant choices, played to perfection by actor Michael Cline.

All of the characters in Earl's life are delightful, lovable and hilarious. This is a definite must-see. It has all of the elements of a fun night out.

Support system

Destiny's Calling marks Samuel Langford's theatrical debut as a playwright and a director for the Los Angeles stage. A Broadway production and a screen adaptation of Destiny's Calling have been developed and will move forward subsequent to this Los Angeles stage premiere. I look forward to seeing more.

Samuel Langford and cast up close and personal


The world premiere of Destiny's Calling was Friday, July 8, 2005 at the Stella Adler Theatre, 6773 Hollywood Blvd at Hollywood and Highland. The limited engagement plays through August 14, 2005.


Samuel Langford and wife Mary host a celebratory party at Pig and Whistle after the world premiere at the Stella Adler Theatre for revered cast and guests

For tickets, call (800) 595-4TIX

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