Daddy - Theatre Review - A Play You'll Want To See

The stunningly brilliant, well crafted play, Daddy,  now playing at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre (upstairs), written by Dan Via and directed by Rick Sparks, stared Gerald McCullouch (Colin McCormack), Dan Via (Stewart Wisniewski) and Ian Verdun (Thaddeus Bloom).  

Also featured were Rene Ruiz, Nik Roybal,  and Jeffrey Patrick Olson, as part of the ensemble.  

Despite the moments of comedy, the play has a very dark edge to it.  Sparks describes it as an urban Greek Tragicomedy.  

Sharp dialogue tells the story of “golden boy” Colin, an older gay reporter, starting to seek out family life and looking for a relationship other than his best friend, Stewart.  He is shocked and pleased when he meets Thaddeus (Tee), an new intern at his magazine.  Despite warnings from Stewart, the pair set up a partnership.  Colin falls deeper in love with T and feels torn because it’s obvious that his best friend and his new friend do not like one another.  

Illuminating the journey of male gay friendship, the story is a universal one that could have occurred in almost any situation as it maps out the human heart.  

As the pair of men become closer and closer, it’s obvious that T has a secret he’s keeping and only the sleuthing by Stewart brings it out.  I won’t spoil the ending by telling you the secret because it’s a great surprise.  

Part of the story centers around equality marriage and gay rights but the real theme appears to be that everyone of us needs connections.  

Gerald McCulloch, well known from CSI,  is both comic and heart wrenching in his fabulous performance and Dan Via, playwright, definitely has an acting talent worthy of showing, as well.  

The sets, done to perfection, by Adam Flemming were accompanied by the specialty lighting provided by Francois Pierre CoutureJoseph “Sloe” Slawinski designed the sound along with Pietor Angell, who did the original music.  Costumes were done by Sharell Martin.  Theatre Planners producer Racquel Lehrman was also instrumental in bringing this play to the forefront.   Fight choreographer was Mike Mahaffey and casting was Raul Clayton Staggs.  PR was done by Lucy Pollak.  

On a scale of 10, this play is easily a 9.5.  

Running until February 13, 2011, the general admission is $30.  For tickets and information  call 323 960 7738 or

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