Creature From the Black Lagoon - Universal's newest addition

Universal is always a great place to spend the day but the newest attraction – a musical based on the horror feature – Creature from the Black Lagoon – is an added bonus.  Opening on July 1, 2009, the event was heralded by the presence of Julie Adams, the Creature’s leading lady in the 1954 film.  

The creature, himself, arrived in a sealed aquarium from the deepest part of the Amazon.  Everything is supposed to be secure but he escapes and ushered us all into the theatre, into the depth of the Amazon.  Matt Ferrell, who plays the creature, does a tremendous job, despite the hot costume on a hot day.  

As in the original story, it’s is about two explorers – Mark ( Brandon Ferleigh) and David ( Marc Oka) and an ichthyologist, Kay ( Sandra Allen) who travel with a gyspy queen into the deepest part of the Amazon to find the mysterious creature of legend.  Immersed in the mystical sounds of the jungle, we watch a strange love story enfold.  There is comedy as well as romance and a great musical score. 

The Creature from the Black Lagoon - Julie Adams - original star of 1954 movie - Matt Ferrell (creature), Sandra Allen (Kay)

Upset that the others are not paying attention to her, Kay slips off the boat for a swim and meets the creature.  They become enchanted with one and other but the explorers are determined to save Kay and separate her from the creature.  Naturally the fish like monster returns for her and – well I won’t spoil the rest of the story for you.  Just know there is a twist at the end.

For a fun 25 minutes, you are entertained with song and fantastic gymnastic acts. The scene where both Kay and the monster are swimming in the “water” is choreographed so well that one can indeed imagine them swimming. Lynne Taylor Corbett,.who did Footloose and Bewitched, and Cirque du Soleil Fly Sequence Designer, Paul Rubin are the artists who trained the actors.  At first, Sandy (Kay) says, “It was difficult to master even though she has training in dance and gymnastics but now, it’s fun.”

The stage is as extravagant as a Broadway production - thanks to James Youmans and Michael Curry; original music is by Fred Barton and Peter Fish under the direction of Michael Kevin Farrell.  The script was done by John Tolins—a most accomplished playwright.  The outrageously wonderful costumes were done by Fabio Toblini, while wig and hair was accomplished by Carol F. Doran and it was all produced by Marc Routh and directed by Gerard Alessandrini.  

Warnings as you enter are for people who are sensitive to fog and loud sounds.  I didn’t experience much of that but I did experience a program that had a lot of sexual innuendos.  Therefore, parents might want to reconsider young children attending.   

But the kids will enjoy the new Simpson ride – a simulated roller coaster which feels very real as well as the Mummy ride.  Don’t forget the new All you can eat package that the park has as it can save you tons of money in food while you’re at the park.  

The park’s new pricing is $60 for six months, which equals tons of fun for the whole family.  The front of the line and VIP tickets cost a bit extra but save time so that you can enjoy more of the park.  

I plan on seeing the show again soon.  I hope you’ll join me.  

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