Courtney Fine performs her one woman show Me2 flying solo at the Globe Playhouse

Courtney Fine performs her one woman show Me2 flying solo on stage at the Globe Playhouse only through November 12th. Her show captivates you with its intensity and honesty. The play flies by in an hour, an hour that was performed flawlessly. A brave bold look into Courtney's secrets and into her soul. An honest feat most of us would dare not attempt. I very much enjoyed the performance, staging and story.

Courtney wrote Me2 based on her real life experiences. She grew up as the chubby girl in Kentucky - the one who was always ignored - and moved to Los Angeles where she found herself suddenly dating some of the most attractive, wealthy men that LA has to offer; owning Jimmy Choos and living in Beverly Hills. In the show, Courtney loses her cell phone and realizes that so much of her identity is based on this little piece of technology. As she explains, "we are all the sum of our Call History." As she is stuck in jail, she analyzes the life she is leading, sorting through the unreliable men in her life that she wastes her time on. The show is now playing at the Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood where Nia Vardalos did her infamous one-woman show that launched MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Thad Taylor, the President of the Playhouse, told me on record that Courtney immediately reminded him of Nia -- not only in her looks, her embracing and outgoing personality and this incredible drive to make it, but the way that she captivates the stage. She is the antithesis of an LA actress -- like the altruistic side of Angelina Jolie, Courtney is an actress that has the accountability and recognition to make a difference. John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) is a personal friend of Courtney's and lent his voice as the opening to the show. As a thanks to John, Courtney threw a premiere party to benefit the organization he co-founded, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. With another charity -- Courtney's dad is legally blind (the main reason why her show deals with perception and identity), and she has dedicating proceeds from the show to benefit the Discovery Fund for Eye Research, an amazing organization based in Los Angeles.

We hear about the diva demands and we see the incredibly self-sufficient image that actresses in Hollywood have in the press, but the people like Courtney are the ones that deserve the attention. Courtney was involved in politics throughout her youth, working on Capital Hill as one of twelve High School students selected to work with the House of Representatives; she served as the Director of Film, Theater and Broadcasting in Mayor Mike Bloomberg's office. As a testament to where she came from and where she is now, she chose to premiere her show on election day - November 8th.

Interesting side story on Courtney:

*She settled a potential fight with Paris Hilton at the hot nightclub Mood with candy. Courtney had "the" table at the club - the table where everyone sees you -- when Paris Hilton walked in. Courtney saw that Paris was going to try to get her moved from her table, so what did Courtney do? She jumped up and handed everyone in Paris's entourage Blow Pops! The candy saved the day, and Courtney remained at her table.


I began this journey as a shy little girl in a small town in Kentucky. Had you told me the path that I was about to take in life, I never would have believed you.

My goal is to make a difference in the world. Since the age of 3, when my father hoisted me on his shoulders at an election campaign, politics has been a part of my life. I remember, after my brother and I created the non-profit organization called SEEE, Inc. (it promoted environmentally safe technology through United States and Russia,) I received a letter in the mail that announced something that made my stomach drop: I was selected as one of only twelve high school students to work as a House of Representative's Page. It was a great opportunity, and politics continued to intrigue me, but my heart was in acting. So, while I honed my craft in New York City at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the TVI Actor's Studio, I worked with New York's Mayor Mike Bloomberg as his Director of Marketing in the Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting. I loved my job, but I loved truly entertaining people more.

People kept telling me, 'You need to be in front of the camera! You need to act!' I finally listened. I packed my bags and headed to Hollywood. Things came rolling from there. An amazing editor for GQ magazine found out about me and then featured me as Hollywood's 'Next Big Thing.' Surreal. Then, following a relationship that I now find myself talking about on stage, I sat down and wrote my one woman show, Me2. I wanted to premiere it in New York in thanks to the people that encouraged me to act, and I chose to do a special engagement off-Broadway for my premiere. The show was fabulous, but I was no where done with it. The story of an 'LA girl' needed to come to LA.

I found myself coming upon opportunities that I never could have imagined. I was working on my script, acting, studying at the Groundlings, meeting amazing people in the industry, working in film, studying theater. It all came together in Hollywood.

As I premiere Me2 at the Globe Playhouse, where so many legends before me have taken the stage, I consider myself blessed. I have no idea where this journey will take me next. But I am proud to present myself to Hollywood in my rawest form: telling my story in Me2. 

The Globe Playhouse has been home to many of Los Angeles's most prestigious and popular plays and actors, including Al Pacino, Annie Potts, John Ritter, and Jack Black; and is where Nia Vardalos debuted her one woman show that spawned the hit film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The Globe Playhouse is located at 1107 North Kings Road in West Hollywood.

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