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If you drive down Santa Monica Boulevard on a Saturday night, you are guaranteed to hear a roar of laughter. From the students of 'The Groundlings' and 'Second City', comes a high energy and creative way to spend your Saturday nights. The Complex Comedy is a new twist on audience-driven improv. The cast consists of some of the funniest people on earth, that make you feel completely at ease. Even from their crazy bios on the program, the talented crew feels like family. Typical improv comedy is based upon the audience giving the cast members a word, phrase, occupation, talent, flaw, accent that has to be worked into a scene. This show is even more interactive, the audience is encouraged to give suggestions to wacky one-of-a kind games and also act on stage. The games are heavily based on audience participation. So, don't be shy!

Co-producer Miranda Russo

Founder, Matt Cronrod has found himself a gold mine of hilarious comedians always up to meet any challenge. He greeted us at the door and was very social with the guests as they quickly found seats. Matt, along with fellow cast member, Miranda Russo produce this innovative improv / sketch comedy. Only a few seats were available by curtain call, so make sure to get there early. The Complex is an intimate theatre located on Theatre Row in Hollywood. There wasn't a moment of silence during the show, the audience was very vocal and kept the games interesting.



Talk about quick-witted, thinking on your feet crew' Justin, Steve, John, Eamon, Miranda, Matt, and Jeff kept the energy of each game insanely enthusiastic. Their amazing chemistry is easily recognized and only fueled more by the way they feed off each other on stage. These gifted humorists are sure to have very successful careers.

The audience is all smiles and laughs

One game entitled, 'Hitchhiker' was a refreshing way to add variety and humor to changing scenes. In 'Hitchhiker', three cast members start the scene in a car. A new cast member joins the scene when the role becomes overplayed or dull by sticking out their thumb, like a 'Hitchhiker'. The cast member in the 'driver seat' leaves the car and the cast member outside with his thumb up becomes a part of the scene. The always comical Steve Neumann was positioned off-stage directing the scene by giving the cast members random adjectives and occupations that were earlier given by the audience. The game uses all of the cast members that act out zany examples, such as, 'paranoid ministers' or 'shy teachers'.

The Complex Theatre

If you love to laugh so hard that your tummy hurts, then you have to check out Complex Comedy. It's certain you will have a good time and the best abdominal workout you will ever get bring your friends and hurry, the Complex Comedy runs every Saturday evening at 10:30pm until September 23rd at The Complex at 6478 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Want to learn more about this amazing cast? Check out For ticket information, check out or by calling, (323) 876-8599.

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