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Comedy and Intrique Times Five in "Solos In Harmony VIII: The Pauly and Paddy Show"

By Charlotte Towne

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An extreme personality on display

If you enjoy impressive writing and acting, go see "Solos In Harmony VIII: The Pauly and Paddy Show" at The Lex Theatre in Hollywood.  This collection of five short plays in one evening is written by Jim Hanna and both starring actors, Paul Schackman and Patrick Wilkins, and produced for Blue Sphere Alliance by John Griffin and Jeff Daurey.
"The Paul and Paddy Show" presents Schackman and Wilkins in five roles, all of which encompass rather extreme personalities.  Each character is intriguing, yet equally unsettling.  Without giving away the sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing surprises of the evening, an overview of each play is as follows:

"Burning For You", written by and starring Paul Schackman, is so funny that you'll start laughing before he even said his first line.  Schackman plays a country western obsessed, laser hair removal doctor who finds nothing wrong with eating and talking on his cell phone during a new patients' laser hair removal procedure. This is a note worthy comedic performance.

Patrick Wilkins

"Greg", written by and starring Patrick Wilkins, is a play about an odd fellow, Greg, who is attempting to order coffee.  In the process of ordering, he becomes frustrated by the fact that he can't decide what he wants from the menu.  In turn, he begins to describe hypothetical situations to the clerk taking his order with the hopes that she will understand how difficult it is to make decisions.  Unfortunately, through his story telling, Greg increasingly reveals how strange he really is. 

"Don't Move Me", written by and starring Paul Schackman.  Be prepared to find yourself reflecting on life after this one. 

The Deposition", written by and starring Paul Schackman, is the fourth performance following a fifteen minute intermission.  The audience will see Schackman in a much different light during this particular performance.  As a transsexual, the character he plays describes, in great detail, how she almost died from a sex change operation performed by a doctor on trial for murdering another patient.

Paul Shackman

"A Dish Served Cold", written by Jim Hanna and starring Patrick Wilkins, is the final show of the evening.  Wilkins plays the best man at his best friend's wedding and gives a toast at the reception which, in turn, becomes the epitome of wedding toasts gone horribly wrong.  Wilkins does an excellent job executing the challenging and suspenseful nature of this role.

The creative authorship and commitment to character development in this show is suburb.  Any actor or writer looking to learn more and improve their craft should see Paul Schackman and Patrick Wilkins at The Lex Theatre.  At the same token, so should any theatre lover looking for great Sunday night entertainment.

"Solos In Harmony VIII: The Pauly and Paddy Show" will be playing every Sunday at 7PM until October 31, 2004 at The Lex Theatre, 6760 Lexington Avenue, in Hollywood.  Admission is $15 and parking is available in a lot across the street from the theatre.  Reservations can be made by calling (323) 663-7999.


Published on Dec 31, 1969

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