Bizzy Play Review - A Musical Comedy that will Keep You Busy Laughing and Crying

The Cast of Bizzy as they confront the tax man

Bizzy will keep you dizzy with laughter.  This 70’s musical comedy presented by Ovation Productions and playing at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks from April 9, 2010 until May 16th is funny, charming and heart warming.  

Kelly Corbett ( Jaquie Donley) lives with her daughter, 16 yr old Jill ( Madeline Penn) and 13 year old son, Bobby ( Jeremy Herzig).  Her husband died one year earlier in a plane crash forcing Kelly to raise her two teens on her own.  In order to survive, she’s had to move out of her house and become an apartment manager.  

Her best friend and confidant is Andy Yamamoto ( Ryyn Chua), the handyman.  He’s a confirmed bachelor until Marie Belyea ( Kristian Espriritu), a wealthy girl next door,  comes into his life.

Despite the hassles and stress, life is never dull for the Corbett’s as Jill’s friends are constantly over Shaleen ( Destine Dominquez), Joyce ( Devan Occhiato), Kenny ( Josiah Dominguez); Wanda( Alexandra Gorder) and Chris ( Olivia Grace.)

Kelly (Jacquie Donley) and Orville Schlyman (Michael Welch) the Tax man proposing quality time

On top of everything else, the IRS is now hounding her for back taxes and Kelly finds herself in the clutches of the “helpful” IRS agent, Orville Schlyman ( Michael Welch.)  If being evil can be good, than he is great.  (Michael also plays various other roles as nuisance tenants and a post man.)

Kelly soon realizes that the only help Orville wants is for himself.  

Meanwhile, Professor Sam Rivers ( Sean O’Grady) comes to town looking for a house to rent and recognizes Kelly,his old high school sweetheart.  

Because of the reaction of her children, this only complicates Kelly’s life.

Bachelor Andy eventually gives in to love and proposes to Marie while Sam realizes that he needs Kelly back in his life.  

The four of them find a way to trick the IRS man and confront him at his own game.  

Told in song, as only a true musical would, the play keeps your attention through out with the wonderful dancing and singing. The songs range from slapstick to tearful and moving, randomly crazy to poetic.  My favorite song was  The IRS Loves Me, in which the back screen showed pictures of the IRS agent mugging it while flashing other IRS signs. 

The usage of the back screen as a window on the world was quite interesting. 
 Choreographer was Kelly Corrin and Music Director was Becky Broyles.  Light and sound by Long Kemple and set design by John Lewis.  

Marie (Kristian Espiritu) singing to Kelly to follow her heart

 None of the actors seemed to be acting. They all felt very real and connected to their characters.  

Written by Rolland Jacks and directed by John Lewis, Bizzy is an amazing 70’s style musical that energies the audience and makes them want to clap along with the songs.  Orchestrations were done by Craig Jacks and Perry Schjolin while the tracks were done by Emilio Palme.  

This good squeaky clean fun is a combination of the Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.  

Tickets run $25 with discounts for seniors and children under 12.   For reservations call 323 960 7612.  The Whitefire is located at 13500 Ventura in Sherman Oaks.  You can also check on line at

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