All Together Now Review -- Disson Produces Winning Women's Night

Space 15 Twenty hosted the night.  Described as a “mixed-media event introducing emerging female artists”.  But, really it’s more.  Produced by Nicole Disson, it’s a cultured Hollywood event displaying a solid feminine unity, but also a strong experimental tone.

KT Comkowycz, Nicole Disson, Shelby Duncan, Jacqueline Suskin Photo:Oliver Newell

It’s a Friday night in the City of Angels much like any other evening, except there’s a tease of rain in the humid air.  Enough that some might re-think an outside festival.  But no,  from a block away you hear the music.  Not the thump of a nightclub, but rather a harmony.  And a colorful, blissful, single harmonized theme describes the entire evening.

As you step through the bricked walkway off Cahuenga Boulevard, the sounds pull you in and the scattered crowd makes you curious.  Steps more, and the crowd builds.  It’s a busy event of all ages and styles.  Suits, next to jeans, next to shorts or sweatpants.  Everyone from Silverlake to Malibu is represented.  Turn the corner and see a courtyard transformed into a stage, seating and billowing audience members at each corner.  Throughout the night the stage turns from solo artists, films, group singing and performance art. Surrounding walls covered in Shelby Duncan’s photography and symbolizing personal messages and bold intentions.

And....We go

Nicole Disson is a name you’ll hear often this evening.  Along with producing tonight’s event and performing in it, she’s many things.  Talented, photogenic, precise, shrewd.

Jacqueline Suskin, Nicole Disson, Shelby Duncan Photo:Oliver Newell

She welcomes the crowd in a high energy manner that’s reminiscent to anyone who’s seen her work at the Open Fist Theater.  The first act she introduces is singer/songwriter Jenny O who delivers a quiet, intimate performance.  And this sets the mood.  Strong estrogen, but ultimately unbalanced.

Pieces in a row.  A film flickers upon us next, cutting through the evening sky.  Jacqueline Suskin's creation "Balance of Old and new" with  KT Comkowcz’s work.  Artistic with deliberate pace and strong feeling.  

The Ladies Choir forms on stage.  Women of various ages and backgrounds gather with a youthful glee.  Feeling estrogen overload, some of the males in the crowd mill about.  But the talk in the crowd is positive, encouraging, intriguing.  

Photo:John Raspa

The night ends with performance art.  Nicole Disson and Jacqueline Suskin ascend the stage.  Over the next burl of time, we see these two women work the platform.  Passionate as they were, the audience’s eyes were fixed.  The tone was art to the extreme and I believe, though they may disagree with me, it was a very feminist message.  Interestingly, but maybe too potent for anything more routine.  

Art for Art’s Sake

Hollywood is more known for commercial viability rather than artistic merit.  The most recent deviation is recognized actor and emerging filmmaker Tanc Sade’s work under “Art for Art’s Sake”, a simple idea that is finding a welcomed audience.

And that’s entirely what Nicole Disson did.  She produced an event that brought it all together.  A group of women collaborated and found a thriving, interested and ultimately engaged audience.

The Ladies of "All Together Now" Photo:John Raspa

The question is:  could it happen twice?  I hope so.  I don’t know.  But if the ladies decide to prove me wrong, I hope they’ll invite me again.

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