A New Yawk Life

For those of you whose knowledge of New York outside of Broadway and 9-11 is non-existent, you are in for a treat. Jovial Kemp with his one man production, 'My New Yawk Life' gives you a guided tour of the big apple through his eyes.

Jovial’s gift for storytelling ...

Jovial's gift for storytelling and his comedic timing with character impersonations of friends and family will give you the ability to enter the time machine with him as he shares the adventures of his childhood and early adulthood through storytelling and witty antidotes, he makes you feel like you were there. Growing up in the 1960's in a catholic family with an outspoken father and a chain smoking and very opinionated mother (whom by the way he imitates so well), Jovial shares his adventures in Catholic school with sadistic nuns, his fascination with the church liturgy, and the visit of the pope to New York inspiring his desire to become the first American pope. He takes you into the basement of his parent's home where he runs a mock funeral parlor with the neighborhood kids lining up to volunteer to be the dead body.

Jovial continues his blast from the past by sharing his adventure as a Macy's department store Santa Claus. With the forewarning of Sadie, the store make-up artist, that by Christmas Eve, he will hate little children, Jovial rises to the challenge to prove her wrong. Not wanting to spoil it for you, you will have to see the play for yourself to see if Sadie's prediction was right. His stories will stir up a myriad of emotions from laughter to tears as he shares the excitement of flying on the Concord, winning front row tickets to an exclusive concert with the Rolling Stones with the added bonus (and bragging rights) that his seats were better than Paul McCartney's, and the paralyzing grief of the 9-11 attack.

Jovial’s one-man show is one you do not want to miss

Jovial's one-man show is one you do not want to miss and is well worth the price of admission. Jovial Kemp is a seasoned actor who has appeared in the hit TV. Show Will & Grace, he has had the privilege of being robbed at an ATM machine by Madonna for a major motion picture, and arresting Eminem in a music video. He has appeared in a wide variety of Off-Broadway plays and musicals and will resume his acting schedule at the end of this show's run.

A New Yawk Life will run from May 6th 2005 to June 5th 2005 at the Two Roads Theatre located at 4348 Tujunga Ave in Studio City, CA Street parking is available. Performances will be on Friday's and Saturday's at 8pm and Sunday's at 3pm. Tickets are $15 on Fridays and Sundays and $20 on Saturdays. For reservations please call 323-960-7792 or visit their website at www.plays.411.com/yawk

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