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"86'D" at the 68 Theatre Review - There's Murder on the Menu!

By Sally Luckett

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Tired of boring sitcoms on TV?   Well get up and get out to see "86'D", the latest work of playwrights Jon Polito and Darryl Armbruster.  Directed by Ronnie Marmo, "86'D" is a dark comedy that seems to play like a live TV sitcom without the cameras. 


Easily remembered as "86'D at the 68" (theater that is).  Is this some weird coinci-dink or did he write the play around it?  We can thank Ronnie Marmo where the theatre gets its name since its inception and his passion of creating Theatre 68 with "only 68 cents in his bank account."  Isn't that how Disney started?  In any case I can't help but mention the friendly, smiling staff.  You could almost feel the love in the room…or maybe everyone just knew each other?



A social satire set in the 80's, complete with a playing juke box.  (Remember those?)  "86'D" is about the dark side of human nature and greed.  Our story begins, middles and ends inside a late night New York diner.  Sort of a "Waking Ned Devine" meets "It Could Happen to You."  "86'D" defines itself as a play where people realize their dreams simply through avarice.  Inspiring?  No.  Inconsequential entertainment?  Maybe…. 



Although some not as convincing as others, and the entire cast did a pretty good job reflected in their efforts; "Willie" played by Michael E. Thomas seemed to grab most of my attention.  



I won't divulge the ending, but based on one of the character's persona my director friend and I could easily see a better one.   Tell me if you don't agree?



Be sure to get your tickets online 'cuz it doesn't rate the $25 single ticket price, although I like to think it's more about a donation to a good cause.




November 17 thru December 22

5419 Sunset Blvd Suite D Hollywood

Published on Nov 19, 2012

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