42nd Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire & Artisans Market April 17 - May 31

Eat, Drink and be merrie are the royal orders of the day!
Get to the past as fast as you can! Take the new royal byway -- the 210 highway!

The 42nd Annual

Renaissance Pleasure Faire
and Artisans Market
April 17 through May 31, 2004
Seven Weekends and Memorial Day
From 10:00 am in the morning until 6:00 pm in the evening
Glen Helen Regional Park
At the 15, 210 and 215 Freeways

General Parking is Free for Faire-Goers

Back to a land where Fantasy Rules…! Experience once again a time when knights were noble and ladies were fair at the Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire, celebrating its 42nd year, for seven weekends and Memorial Day, April 17 through May 31, 2004 at the San Bernardino County Glen Helen Park.   This is the Renaissance Pleasure Faire's sixteenth season at Glen Helen Park. General parking is free for Faire-goers (preferred parking is $5.00). The 210 freeway has extended for a

direct route from the San Fernando Valley to San Bernardino County. Driving to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire has become much smoother!

Glen Helen Park is located off the 15, 215 and 210 freeways and is a close drive from Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Orange Counties, the Inland Empire, and San Diego - all of Southern California.   Hours of the Faire are 10am to 6pm. 

For tickets and information please call (909) 880-0122 or on-line at www.RenFair.com.   Tickets are also available at the Box Office during days of operation.  Adults are $19.50; children (5-11 years old) $9.50; children under 5 are free; seniors, students, and military, with I.D. are $17.00.   Fairever season passes are available at $90.00 for adults and $50.00 for children good for the entire run of the Faire.

Featuring 25 acres nestled on a 100-acre site, the Faire is a 360-degree re-creation of an Elizabethan English country faire and marketplace. The spectacle surrounds you during the merrie day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Join the spectacle of surprise, every Faire day is a different adventure.

Swashbuckling Heroes, merry Minstrels, dazzling Daredevils, Belly Dancers, Jugglers, and Colorful Characters of every sort compete for your attention on our busy streets and upon seven stages offering continuous entertainment throughout the day.

Where else can you cheer on heroic knights, learn to juggle, chat with William Shakespeare, haggle with a fishwife, and join Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, on a grand visit to a bustling 16th century Faire?  From our morning antics at the Call O' Faire show, where we open the town gates, to our farewell to the Queen at the end of the day, our 1,000 costumed performers will surround you with entertainment.

For the 2004 season the Faire presents the following returning performing acts at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire including - * Bold and Stupid Men, Comedy Swashbuckling Duo; The Poxy Boggards, a drinking group with a singing problem; Sound and Fury, Fine Fakespearean Players; The Suhaila Dance Company, nationally renowned Middle Eastern belly dance troupe lead by Suhaila Salimpour with brand new shows this year; the Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre enacting brand new action-packed presentations of The Royal Joust.

• Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre - No day of Faire would be complete without the thrill of the Royal Joust.  In three exciting new shows presented each day, Hanlon Lees Action Theatre fields a daring company of Jousting Knights and Steeds in a contest of heart-pounding action, spectacle, and comedy that just may leave you breathless.
• Suhaila Salimpour Middle Eastern Dance - two brand new shows presented by the second generation in a pioneering family in the world of Middle Eastern dance, and is nationally known in this country, Europe and the Middle East

• *Bold & Stupid Men - Our swashbuckling duo deliver "lessons in the gentlemanly arts" amidst a flurry of daring sword play and a rollicking war of wits, and never fail to win the affections of unsuspecting ladies in the audience. Maybower Theatre.
• Sound & Fury - The madcap masters of "Fine Fakesperean Comedy" return in a limited engagement with their cult classic creations including such favorites as "Romeo and Juliet: Version 2.0". On the boards of the Maybower Theatre.
• Cliff Spenger - He thrills with his "Walk of Death" over the Maybower pond and mesmerizes with his strolling "Green Man Tree" in Jeweler's Row.
• Poxy Boggards - These self-described "drinkers with a singing problem" will delight you with their bawdy songs and naughty antics.
• MooNie the MagNif'cent -The mischievous master of movement and surprise presents a laugh-filled show of comedy, juggling, and rope walking, while uttering nary a word.
• Broon - Whether performing seemingly impossible feats of juggling, or escaping from shackles while suspended high in mid-air, this king of comedy will surely astound you.
• Dominatori della Commedia -They're back on Mountebank Stage with an all new comedic tour de force.
• Springtime Parade - Our new Springtime Parade launches from Maypole Common at 11:45 each day, bound for Maybower Stage.
• Drake's Revenge - The annual Lord Mayor's Show goes hilariously wrong with a preposterous pirate pageant, a war of wits, and armed wenches running amuck.
• The Children's Militia - Visit St. Michael's military encampment before 1:00  PM and your kids can train and march with the Queen's military and join the show at the Queen's Royal Joust.

• The Queen's Progress - Shout forth "God save the Queen!" and thrill to the spectacle and pageantry that accompanies Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth I and her magnificent entourage as they arrive at our town each Faire day at half past one o' the clock.  The glittering parade begins at the Main Gate and proceeds throughout the Faire, stopping for the Royal Joust and the Queens Royal Pageant, before calling upon the Court Glade to be entertained by her resplendent nobles. The Queen's Progress provides regal shows, special audience moments, numerous surprises, and unexpected entertainments throughout the day.
• Guilds and Troupes - Also on hand to entertain you throughout the Faire are: The Guild of St. Ives whose astounding town square awaits you within our gates; The Guild of St. Cuthbert with their parades and pageants; the mighty military of the Guild of St. Michael; the elegant Queen's Court; the Queen's own Yeomen of the Guard; the jesters and fools of the Court of Misrule; the Washerwomen of the Town Well; our Town Mongers; the Puritan Preachers; the May Revelers; a league of Poets; the Highwaymen; the Guild of San Lorenzo and the Gentlemen Adventurers bringing swashbuckling swordplay to the streets;  The Queen's Band  and the Nightwatch Band; the Danse Macabre paraders and musicians,  as well as other fine troupes of actors, musicians, and dancers.
• Our Central Characters - Be sure to look for these notable characters, appearing in shows or on the streets of the Faire… Our noble monarch, Queen Elizabeth I; our Lord Mayor, the adventurous Sir Francis Drake; Don Rafael Juan Carlos Sarcienia de Granada, Spain's dashing and deadly swordsman; our blundering buffoon of a Lord High Sheriff; his delightful wife, the Lady Phoebe; the lusty Mistress of Misrule; our lovely May Queen and her Revelers; the lusty Brew Master and his delightfully bawdy Ale Wenches; the exotic denizens of the Trader's Market; and the immortal Bard himself, Master William Shakespeare.

And brand new for 2004

• Marlowe's Shadowe - Two madcap comics and a witty wench tackle the entire Old Testament and more in their bumbling attempts to put on a play and dazzle the audience.
• Midsummer Faeries - A delightful flock of flower faeries -- the Pilliwiggins -- have descended without warning upon our shire streets to weave their magical mischief. 

Please check back for the many other fine entertainments, yet to be announced, that will take to our stages and streets this season.

Bold & Stupid Men * on page 2 is a Swordsmen Production©, based on characters created by Douglas R. Mumaw and David Woolley, www.theswordsmen.com.
Visit Sound & Fury at www.soundandfury.org

There are many activities for children, including the Children's Storytime
Theatre, in which the children can play their favorite roles, and tales from master storyteller, Michael Wordsmythe.

 In addition to continuous entertainment, visitors will find hundreds of artisans and craftspeople selling a wide selection of wares from delicate jewelry to sturdy handmade furniture.  The Faire offers a chance for all to watch these Craftsmen, some of the finest in California, practice and create their art.  26 of these vendors have demonstrations, including glass blowing, papermaking, coin-striking, woodturning, weaving and bronze fabrication. There are also stuffed animals, metal sculpture, wooden mugs, pottery, fine art, leather masks, and handmade candles.

 Throughout the Faire, revelers can enjoy homemade gourmet food and drink.  Five refreshment stands offer a full selection of hearty English and domestic ales, wines from local vintners, domestic beers, hard ciders infused with pear, raspberry and apple, soft drinks and juices. 

Each afternoon at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, the Faire hosts a wine tasting in the Wine Garden, located next to the Royal Oak Drink Stand.  Here, with the purchase of a commemorative wineglass, visitors are led on a wine connoisseur's exploration discovering the spicy fruit of a Cabernet or the smoky oak of a Chardonnay.

Seventeen gourmet food purveyors offer heaping portions of traditional English fare such as Shepherd's Pye, Fish and Chips, Toad-in-a-Hole and sausage Bangers.  Others provide more exotic foods including Falafel, chocolate dipped berries, fruit ices, and "Lang Tegine," an authentic Tunisian dish.   15 tons of Turkey Legs and 1,000 barrels of beers were consumed by fairegoers last year.  There is also vegetarian cuisine, and healthy choices are available.

Begun in 1963 in Augora, near Malibu, to create "living history" for schoolchildren and their families, the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire has grown into an annual interactive playground and gallery for over 200,000 participants and guests.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire also provides a venue for the wedding of your dreams! They provide a private ceremony and reception site within the Faire, along with on-site coordination. The Wedding Garden has a beautiful floral arch, wooden tables and (and benches), burgundy tablecloths, tapestry table runners, and dried or silk flower arrangements on every table.
The wedding services include coordination, ministers, catering, beverage planning, entertainment, and costumes. The wedding contact is Lucy Dittes
909-880-6211 x209.

The Faire is now located in a permanent setting, which has allowed the event to enrich the site with increased seating, shade trees, canopies, water garden and English Gardens.  Since its inception more than 5 million people from around the world have visited the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, averaging approximately 25,000 each weekend. 

Other special events and actives of the 2004 Renaissance Pleasure Faire include:

Friday, May 21, 2004 9:30am to 2:30pm -- Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire School Day A Field Trip for Teachers and Students filled with History and Adventure open to school groups only. During the day students can find enrichment including talking with Sir Francis Drake about his adventures on the high seas, being in Her Majesty's court and watching as lances splinter on impact at the armored Joust on Horseback, where good triumphs over evil.  They can also observe craftsmen and artisans create their works in Historical Crafts Demonstrations.  The streets and stages of our village abound with the entertainments of the English Renaissance. Jesters, magicians, swordsmen and musicians ply their trades while interactive characters of every class and description roam the streets. Students even have a personal audience with the Queen herself.

Corporate Parties- The Faire has been a natural setting for many corporate events.  A perfect place to reward employees, the faire offers a private location, entertainment and delicious food and drink.


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