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The Glass Doctor Review - Quickly Replacing Broken Vehicle Glass at Your Home!

By Meagan Sargent

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The Glass Doctor

Vehicle repairs can sometimes become a hassle that can cause irritability and sleepless nights. A chip on your windshield does not seem like an important issue to fix right away. However, something as little as a rock hitting your windshield can spread and can damage your whole windshield in a matter of time. The crack from the small rock can spread because of the heat, so it is always best to get these minor issues taken care of right away. Not only does it become a hazard to you and your occupants, but it becomes a hazard to others on the road as well. The Glass Doctor is there to make these everyday problems disappear.

The Glass Doctor offer fully trained specialists that repair or replace your windshield and other forms of glass. There are a number of reasons why you would want to choose The Glass Doctor over other companies that fix and repair glass; they are convenient, offer competitive pricing, safe, and environmentally friendly. In need of a new windshield but don’t want to drive? No worries, The Glass Doctor will come to you, under normal road conditions. This is very convenient, this way the driver will not put himself at risk or other drivers on the road. In order to better serve the customer, The Glass Doctor will first diagnose the windshield chip to see if it can be repaired first or needs to be replaced. Most places may just simply replace the windshield, which can cost the customer more money, but The Glass Doctor go the extra mile for its customer to deliver exceptional customer service and to make sure the customer is pleased with the results.  

Below, are a series of pictures from a windshield replacement recently done by The Glass Doctor.

The Cracked Windshield

The Glass Doctor

The Glass Doctor have a complete glass product line including: windows, auto glass, shower door enclosures, glass doors, patio doors, commercial glass, glass table tops, and mirrors. Each service completed by The Glass Doctor has a warranty, which varies according to the detail and type of job completed. With the windshield warranty, if the windshield is damaged or happens to get another minor chip, The Glass Doctor is willing to replace it. Service to a vehicle under coverage must come into the warehouse in order for further repairs to be made. This warranty is a onetime deal, after the repairs have been made again the warranty becomes invalid. However, this is not the case with each service offered.

Carefully The Glass Doctor analyzed the problem to fix the windshield. 

The Broken Glass is Off

Final Changes to the New Windshield

Applying the New Windshield

Now the job is complete in a matter of minutes!

The Glass Doctor deliver world class service and value. They can be foundall throughout the United States and Canada because they have more than 270 locations. For your convenience, The Glass Doctor are available at two locations in Southern California. One in Los Angeles and the other is in the San Fernando Valley.

Next time you are in need of a glass repair of any sort, call up The Glass Doctor! After all there is a reason why this company was awarded: 5 Time Consumers Choice Award, Angie’s List Super Star Service Award 2009,2010, and give an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For more information on The Glass Doctor and what they can do to benefit you, please visit the website at www.glassdoctor.com


Published on Jun 30, 2011

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