Safelite Auto Glass Review - The Quick Fix for Your Window

There are a million and one reasons why you might need your window replaced or fixed, hopefully you don’t wake up to a smashed rear window with a rock thrown through it, as was my frustrating recent experience. Regardless of your story if you need some glasswork done, from the smallest chip to an entire window replacement, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye as I found at Safelite AutoGlass.

Waking up to a smashed window

The thing about a broken window is that it can't wait. Not only is there frustration and many other thoughts that will be racing through your mind as you clean up broken glass after finding your window broken, but your life can literally be placed on hold. Safelite has a great mobile service that can get to you at almost any location in the United States and they also have an in-shop service team if that fits your needs.

A broken window is as obvious as the wind hitting you in face if you decide to drive with that broken window. The hidden problem that isn't quite as obvious is that chip in your window. That little pebble that flies up from the road and hits your window or something that comes flying out of the back of a truck and just puts that ever so tiny ding into your windshield. So small and insignificant there is probably nothing to worry about, right?

Of course there is something to worry about. The windshield it turns out is part of the structural strength of the roof. The windshield provides up to 45 percent of the structural integrity of the vehicle’s cabin in a front collision and up to 60 percent in a rollover. Those are pretty staggering numbers and should make you realize that you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your windows. If you catch the chip early enough you can get it repaired, which is important because according to research from Swansea Metropolitan University, 90 percent of windshield chips will crack within three years. Not everyone does a chip repair the same and that is why you are best served going with the quality and safety of Safelite. Safelite uses a state-of-the art patented resin injected into the chip. You can take your car into one of their shops or have the mobile service come to you, either way you will get the same quality job. The amazing part is that not only do they repair the chip, but you almost have no sign of damage ever being done to the window when they are done. As an added bonus and this is with any service from Safelite, the technician cleans your windows and I don’t know how they do it but I guarantee they will have never looked so clear since the day you walked out of the showroom.

There are a number of great points about Safelite, but the one that made me feel the most secure was that all of their technicians must pass an 8-week training program before they even go out on an actual job.

Just like new in short order

"We replaced 3 million windshields last year in the United States, we’re exclusively focused on this and we have a relentless focus on improving and perfecting the technical and customer side of the business," Californian Safelite division manager Clayton Frech stated. "When we bring in a tech, it might be a year before they do there own job, four-to-six months minimum before they are touching a car on their own. They go through rigorous training, they do ride alongs and they have to pass all our certifications and tests, which are the toughest in the industry. They really have to prove themselves."

Filling in a chip with patented resin

It isn't very hard to find someone to repair or replace your window, there are plenty of different options, but do you know what you are getting with that repair? The question you have to ask is how well is this person trained, where are they getting their glass from and will they stand by their work? With Safelite you know exactly what you are getting, with someone else, well you might be left with some not so high quality work. Safelite also will give you expert advice before doing the job and they have a national warranty that is valid as long as you own or lease the vehicle. To show how they take service the extra step, if you have any problem, Safelite will credit the cost of your repair toward a replacement window.

Cleaning up after a job well done

"The warranty is essentially a lifetime warranty as long as you own the vehicle, we will stand by our work and there is no reason our work should be defective, the warranty is also valid anywhere you drive the car because we are in all fifty states and I’ve never been in a company that takes customer complaints more seriously than Safelite," French added.

The glass that Safelite puts in your car or the window that they repair will get you back on the road again, but it is the quailtiy of the company and the high standards that they have set that will give you piece of mind each time you get into your car.

For more information on Safelite AutoGlass, visit: or call (877) 800-2727.

The great staff at the Safelite Pico Rivera location

Safelite provides service in all 50 states, providing coverage to more than 95 percent of America's drivers. For those of you in Southern California, you will benefit from the Safelite expansion that will increase the total locations to 23 by the end of 2011. You can visit the website to find the location nearest you and you can also schedule a service and get an instant quote.





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