Rent a Wreck Car Rental Review – There When I Needed Them

I had a family emergency I needed to attend to in Utah.  I was looking around to find the best deal, and best quality for a car rental.  I came across Rent-a-Wreck car rental in a google search, and at first I thought “No way, I wanted a car better than what I was driving why else rent?”

On their website I read that even though they rent used cars, they keep they maintained and have continual safety inspection for them.  “Rent-A-Wreck is the Smart AlternativeTM to all your car rental needs.  Whether you need a rental vehicle for business, pleasure or something in between, Rent-a-Wreck is here for all your driving needs. Many of our locations stock economy cars and full size luxury sedans; and they also offer pickup trucks, box trucks, min-vans, cargo vans, 15-passenger vans, SUVs, and station wagons for rent as well! Try any of our locations across the United States and internationally in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.”

Though I have mixed feelings about my upcoming trip, I’m really glad I found Rent-a-Wreck.  I’m looking forward to giving a full report on my experience with them. It will make my trip just a little easier.

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