Mercedes Benz of Beverly Hills Service Department Review

I really need to get to Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills! I bought a new 500 SL Mercedes-Benz in 1997 and fifteen years later it still has less than 50K miles.

It is a car I very much love but over the years many small irritating problems have occurred. It’s been my habit to take it to independent Mercedes-Benz mechanics that at best fixed the problems and at worst caused new problems. No doubt some problems are occurring due to the age of the car and I know many are due to the lack of sophistication and knowledge that independent Mercedes-Benz mechanics have.

The 500SL Mercedes-Benz engine

One example, I took my car in for an unrelated repair and when the car was returned my heater didn’t work. There was no question the heater worked before the independent dealer unrelated repaired. When asked what the cost would be I was told it would cost “a lot” but he couldn’t define the exact cost as he said it was an electrical problem and I would be charged hourly. He took absolutely no responsible for the cause and effect reality.

My Mercedes-Benz interior

That is just one example of the shoddy workmanship I have received which is the reason I am moving all repairs needed for my wonderful Mercedes-Benz to the best authorized dealer around: Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills.  Although the charges would appear higher, in the long run, the cost will be much less due to the fact they know what they are doing!!

My Mercedes-Benz passenger Interior

After bringing my car in for one repair I won’t have two or three more things broken when I pick-up the car. Problems will be fixed and fixed right the first time, not only saving money but saving the aggravation that comes when you know things have not been done properly and when you feel you’ve been ripped off. I’m sad it took, so long for me to realize that the highest quality car not only deserves but requires the highest quality maintenance and service.

My Mercedes-Benz

Here is the list of the accumulated problems I will be getting repaired at Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills:

1)      The most pressing problem is the engine hesitation when accelerating.

2)      The heater does not work.

3)      The internal brake light, the seen in the bottom of the back window, is missing the lens which somehow disappeared after a service with the independent mechanic.

4)      The passenger mirror is wobbly and loose.

5)      The driver’s side window does not seal properly when the door is closed.

6)      The dash lights don’t come on.

7)      The air condition takes a while start.

8)      The radar bumper units don't work properly

9)      Windshield wipers on the lights

10)    And whatever else a certified real mechanic will find.

I look forward to adding my experiences as my 500 SL Mercedes-Benz gets transformed from limping back to luxury.

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