Harry's Automotive West Hollywood Review - An Honest Mechanic!!!

The Merecedes was a mess, we just filled the tires which were flat

Exterior after

I was very lucky to find Harry’s Automotive in West Hollywood to fix my S500 Mercedes. All he needed to do was adjust my Mercedes' computer and change the fluids, I thought I needed a whole new transmission!

The rats had chewed wires and hoses were dried and useless

Engine after

It all started over three years ago after giving my Mercedes a hard run and backing her into my parking space when the noise I heard and the jerk of the car made me sure I had lost my transmission. I had a Lexus SUV which was my dog’s car and started driving that exclusively. I was dreading needing to get a $5,000 new transmission. Well my old dog eventually passed away and my other dogs hips got bad so it was time to get back to my cool expensive sporty Mercedes. So I looked at it and of course the battery was dead and after calling the auto club to open it, peered under the hood to see that there were not only rat droppings, but the rats had chewed on some fo the wires! The car was a mess having been out in the elements for over three years! I got the Mercedes towed to Harry’s Automotive and told Harry and Chris what I knew. The next day the phone rang and I was sure that I would be hearing that unfortunately I would be needing a new or rebuilt transmission which I did not really look forward to especially in today’s economy. Instead, I was told it looked like everything was fine. My car would need a new battery as they had tried to charge it but it would not take the charge. In addition they were going to fix the wires, change all the fluids, would need to change a few hoses and belts and all should be as good as new. They helped me get what I needed at the DMV so they could legally test drive the Mercedes to real road standards and that I could legally drive the car once it was fixed.

The car had 3 years of being outdoors under trees

Interior after

The only regret I have is that I waited over three years to take my car in to Harry and Chris at Harry’s Automotive in West Hollywood.

1154 North La Brea Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90038-1022
(323) 463-9626

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