Globe Tires Review - A Los Angeles Bastion of Excellent Service

The tires on my Lexus were on the verge of becoming dangerous. I rode them bald and all four needed to be replaced. I walked into my office, switched on my computer and turned to Google, thinking, and after quickly finding out what Eva Longoria was up to lately, I performed a search for reliable local tire service. Then I remembered  having used a particular tire service shop a long time ago when I purchased my first Mercedes from Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz. The dealership had a longstanding relationship with Globe Tires.  Globe Tire & Motorsports seemed like the logical solution, as they were close by and had an extraordinary record of service. What I really needed was new tires. So I gave them a call to make an appointment and was told I could come in right away or any other time I fancied.  

Globe Tires

Goodyear had already shipped the best advised tires to me. All I had to do was install them. I had chosen Goodyear’s new Assurance Fuel Max tires for the obvious reason, a reason that resonates well with everything I am about when it comes to these matters - safety and economy when at all possible.

This one-stop shop “for all your automotive needs” has an almost loungey looking waiting room where I pleasantly reflected upon my selection while waiting for the tires to be mounted. Their service was every bit as good as what I remember it to be back when I needed service on my first Mercedes’. The cars were lined up outside like cattle, and the boys went at it quickly and expertly. The service is excellent and it was inexpensive too. Globe Tires actually makes sure they take care of your problem at the best price currently available, and their work is impeccable.

Globe Tires West Los Angeles Location

And then there’s another thing. You know, although reasonably circumspect and preventive in my attitude towards car care, I am not what you’d call an “automotive care freak”. But spending any amount of time in the waiting room at Globe Tires, looking at the neatly dressed chaps expertly handling those cars and ever so cordially handling their customers, just makes me take even better care of my car somehow. 

Globe Tire & Motorsports has been serving the Los Angeles area since 1932.  This expertly proficient shop offers complete wheel & tire services and carry all major brands. They are a member of the Independent Tire Dealer Group with over 100 million dollars in purchasing power.

Globe Tire & Motorsports is located at 2450 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034. Contact them at 310-836-0804.


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