Lexus Santa Monica Review – A Dealership With Class

My car came to them very dirty and left running great and clean

In 2004 I did extensive research to find the best SUV that would be the most dog friendly. After doing test driving on approx. 10 vehicles from Hummers to Range Rovers, I decided to purchase a new Lexus 470GX. It was a great choice. Even though I own a S500 Mercedes, I only drive my Lexus! It was time to get it serviced and my brakes were making all sorts of strange noises so I again did research on where to best to have it serviced. Because my home is in the Hollywood Hills, I had many choices of where to bring my car in for service. I had the choice of all of the Valley, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, the South Bay and the Los Angeles based Lexus dealers all available to me.  I chose Santa Monica Lexus and I’m very glad I did.

Santa Monica Lexus is close to most of LA. They have a completely separate service department on Wilshire Blvd. so I took the 10 and exited at 26th and Cloverfield, went a short distance north turned right on Santa Monica and there was the Santa Monica Lexus service department.  I went into the service aisle, and was greeted by a very friendly service representative.  I explained what I needed and was taken to an office where Johnny sat me down and took down all my information. He then sent me to the cashier.

The luxurious waiting room

While there, I noticed they have a lovely very large waiting area, where while customers are able to sit and really relax while waiting for their cars.  There you can watch television on a big screen, they had coffee machines and cappuccino machines and cookies and treats galore.  They even have a gift shop that sells Lexus brand accessories.  The cashiers, as all the people I had contact with were very friendly.

They set me up with a complimentary Lexus courtesy car while my vehicle was being repaired, and let me know there would be no charge as long as I turned it in within 24 hours of the time my Lexus was ready for pickup.  One of the cashiers personally took me out to my loaner car where she checked out the car for me and noted any scratches,  verified the mileage and the gas amount gave me the keys and even explained to me how the car worked.

Nice treats were available inside

Once I returned home, I was called by the service department at Santa Monica Lexus who let me know everything that needed to be done on my car.  The service included replenishing the engine, oil and air filters, draining and replenishing the transmission pan, coolant check, brake fluid diagnostic inspection, replenishing various fluids, inspection of brakes, tires, suspension, battery, belts, and hoses, and rotating the tires. I also needed new brake pads front and back and new brake rotors in front.

They cleaned the outside of my vehicle and inside

With all the work that needed to be done I was pleased at how quickly my car was finished.  When I went to pick it up I was pleasantly surprised at how clean my car was. I had taken it in filthy; dirt and tree sap on the outside and lots of dog fur inside. When picking it up it looked new again. It had obviously been washed several times for it to be as beautiful and white and clean as it was as you can see in the before and after pictures.

While waiting inside the reception area, I overheard a few wonderful things that really impressed me.  I heard one of the service writers speaking to a nice elderly lady apologizing for whatever it was that had gone wrong, and he was taking responsibility telling her that it was his fault and that he would be happy to take care of everything for her.  The fact that a person in a dealership is willing and able to admit a mistake no matter how small it is and take responsibility and not be defensive is a very rare quality which I was very impressed to see and hear.

They prepared a courtesy vehicle

There were also two elderly ladies dropping off their car and waiting for a loaner.  The service writer went out to their trunk, and carried their belongings back to the island where they were waiting and helped them put it into their rental.  Everything seems to be operating well at Santa Monica Lexus.  I was even asked three times while waiting for my car if I needed help.  Now that’s great customer service which is really lacking in LA.

I highly recommend Lexus Santa Monica to everyone.  The prices were very fair, the work was done perfectly, on time, fast with great communication and nice people with great customer service skills.  They just moved their sales dealership into a gorgeous new facility at 1501 Santa Monica Blvd. so you’ll want to go and take a tour of their amazing new showroom.  Service customers, however, should continue to drop their cars off at the old location: 2450 Santa Monica Blvd. 

Lexus Santa Monica has earned the prestigeous award of being an "ELITE OF LEXUS" dealer over seven consecutive years. Check out the web site and schedule your next appointment today at (310) 453-1890 or on their website - Lexus Santa Monica 


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