Glendale Hyundai Review – Your Hyundai Service Maintenance is Very Important

Glendale Hyundai

My Santa Fe Hyundai has finally reached 30,000 miles and this is the time Hyundai recommends the car to be serviced. Since I’m still new to Los Angeles, I had to find a place that I could trust. I dreaded this situation, since I have no idea about cars except that I need one to get around.

Service Advisor Ronnie Lovos helping a customer

I called general mechanic places that cost less than the Hyundai dealer. I also called other Hyundai dealers, but I couldn't figure out which one to service my Santa Fe. When I finally called Glendale Hyundai, there was something different about them. Service Advisor Ronnie Lovos explained the importance of keeping up with the maintenance of a car. He seemed to really care.

Glendale Hyundai's Platinum Mechanic Hayk Mrimanyan

Hyundai advises that the owner of the car maintain their automobile with services such oil changes every 3,000 miles and also have a more extensive service when the car reaches 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles to run efficiently as possible.

Glendale Hyundai's Platinum Mechanic Edvin Sarkissian


Don’t ignore your car’s needs like one Hyundai owner did. She had a 2002 Accent Hyundai and had 93,000 miles on the car. She never had her 30,000, 60,000 or 90,000 mile service done. So one day her transmission went out and her transmission warranty wasn’t valid because she neglected her car’s maintenance needs.

Although she kept up with her oil changes, this was not good enough because her car was never serviced at 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles. The result was that she had to pay $3,000 for her transmission alone.

Glendale Hyundai Service Area

The 30,000 mile service is $599, which isn’t much compared to what you might have to pay if you don’t do this service. Paying out $599 is much easier on the pocket than over $3,000.

Another reason why I chose Glendale Hyundai is because their mechanics are certified with a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification. Knowing that the Glendale Hyundai mechanics are Platinum Certified made me feel more at ease that my car is in great care with the highest level mechanics you can possibly get with Hyundai (platinum certified mechanics are rare).

Glendale Hyundai receptionist

Platinum Certified mechanics have 10 plus years experience and have also attended Hyundai Mechanic School for certification. 

Glendale Hyundai went under new management in March 2007 and they’ve made a lot of improvements since then: remodeled showroom, waiting room and coming soon a Hyundai Restaurant where customers will be given tickets to eat while they wait. And now, you can schedule a Saturday service appointment online.

Glendale Hyundai's air conditioned waiting room. Watch TV or take your laptop and catch up on work.

While my car was being serviced, I didn’t mind waiting a few hours in their cool air conditioned waiting room as the temperature was in the 90’s. I brought my lap tap computer and I was able to catch up on some work. They have vending machines with beverages and snacks. Or if you’re in the mood for shopping, the Americana and Galleria are walking distance.

After a few hours, I caught up on a lot of work. Glendale Hyundai washed my car and I was on my way. I always feel so much safer after my car has been cared for.

While I was waiting I couldn't help notice the new 2009 Genesis -The North American Car of the Year awarded it first place this year. Very likely, it is the best car sold in the U.S. for under $40,000.


A lot of customers neglect these services and their wallets pay for it later so take care of your car and it will take care of you.

Glendale Hyundai

Glendale Hyundai
411 S. Brand Blved.
Glendale, Ca 912044

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