Ziplining Through the Trees: Navitat Adventures in Wrightwood, CA

Calling all adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers!

Looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of Los Angeles’ concrete jungle? Don't fret, just pack a small bag and take a ride to Wrightwood for a day of adventure and heart racing fun! Just an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles, Wrightwood’s best-kept secret is hidden amongst the trees (quite literally). Navitat, specializes in Zipline Canopy Tours or as they refer to it, tree adventures. Stated frankly on their website, “At Navitat, we do tree-based adventure and only tree-based adventure. It’s our passion, our purpose, and our expertise. While other adventure providers are getting in on the zipline trend because it’s the “hot” thing to do, Navitat was born to take you into the trees.”


So why not spend the day swinging in the trees?


I ventured to Navitat with a skeptical viewpoint. I am terrified of heights; thus, whooshing 300 feet above trees didn’t exactly sound enjoyable. But before I could get too anxious and change my mind, we were getting all our gear on, gathering up our group (about eight of us all together), and on our way to begin our voyage amongst the trees. For one thing, our tour guide was not only extremely rehearsed and well-trained on ziplining, but he was exceptionally impassioned and amusing as well; consequently, reassuring my confidence to not only face my fear but to really let go and have a good time. What I really loved about this tour was that the Navitat tour guides ease your way into the higher, longer ziplines. When you first arrive at the destination, nestled in the trees and fresh air, the tour guide thoroughly prepares you for what you’re in store for, followed by a “practice ziplining”. These two, smaller and shorter ziplines nudge your way into the heart racing lines, bridges and rappels you’ll conquer throughout the 3 ½ hour long tour (time varies on size of group). While you’re up there swinging from tree to tree, the view is not only mind-blowing, but it’s a wonderful change of scenery compared to the sometimes-daunting concrete walls in Los Angeles. Coming from a person who is deathly afraid of heights, I had the time of my life and would without a doubt make a second, third and fourth trip up to Navitat to do it all over again!

Our Navitat group getting ready to head out!

One of the bridges on the course

Crossing the bridge!


All together, you’ll soar 300 ft. above the trees along ziplines as long as 1,500 ft. and get going as fast as 55 miles-per-hour! If that doesn’t scream adrenaline, then I don’t know what does!

About to tackle one of the tallest lines!

Taking in the beautiful view!


If you’re looking for a fun getaway for the family or even an adventurous date for thrill-seeking fun, make sure to check out Navitat in Wrightwood and to book your tour so you can begin your quest among the trees!


Check out their website here:

Rates vary on packages, day of week, so forth. 

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