West Coast Chief Repair Review - They Saved Our Stove!

One of the West Coast Chief Repair trucks, fully stocked with tools and parts

I own and rent a house built in the 30's or 40's in Laurel Canyon and part of the charm is the classic feel of the house which includes the original stove. My tenant, who's lived there for several years called one night with an emergency. He had prepared chicken, seasoned it up and placed it in the oven but alas the oven would not light. I immediately went over and tried my magic, as I was a general contractor at one point in my life, but to no avail. I was not able to get it working.

Val, our technician from West Coast Chief Repair arrived on time, with a smile and an old-fashioned work ethic

Val had no problem getting right into the job

I called West Coast Chief Repair who quickly sent out a repairman. Our repairman, Val, after a long and laborious effort, took the defective part, which was a gas valve/thermostat, to see if he could find a replacement.

Val had to carefully remove the stoves entire front panel

It took careful patient work but finally Val had removed the faulty valve

Of course such a stove was at least 40 years old so the replacement would have to be cannibalized from another stove. A few days later they called with the great news that they had found such a part.

The problem was the valve/thermostat (upper left) but also Val replaced the thermocouple (lower left)

Val came back, and with much work and an amazing amount of patience not only did he replace the valve/thermostat but he also replaced the thermo coupler.

As a bonus, Val got the burners to work off the pilot, goodbye matches!

Val even brought us a new broiler and runner, but he went well above and beyond the call of duty to get the burners' pilot light working. My tenant had been using matches to light the burners, but Val found the problem right away and got the pilot light functioning correctly. So, my tenant and I are pleased that we didn't need to replace our classic and beautiful in its own way stove with a soulless, new, modern model.

When Val left, our old stove worked good as new!

Without hesitation , West Coast Chief Repair is a company that I completely recommend  and would use again. I felt like I was dealing with an old time company, with an old time work ethic, experts in what they do and how they do it. They took the time and care to do the job correctly, going above and beyond the call of duty. It is refreshing because usually contractors in this day and age choose to take the easy route and just replace things with new instead of trying to repir them. West Coast Chief Repair repaired my vintage stove so that it works like new. I was always called before any house calls to make sure that I and my tenant were at home and the operators were courteous and professional.

West Coast Chief Repair Services Include:

Duct testing

West Coast Chief Repair Facts:

Wide coverage area - Based out of Los Angeles
Web site is user friendly
Can order services online
Specialize in service and repair of all major a/c and heating units, including most brands and models
Offer same day service on most orders placed before noon
No extra charge for evenings, weekends or holidays
Always in your area, so no travel charge
Install only new, factory recommended parts
Offer up to 5 years limited warranty
Offer emergency same day service at no extra charge.
Operators are on duty 24 hours/7 days a week to process your emergency service request.

West Coast Chief Repair Services, Repairs and Sells:

Air Conditioners
Garbage Disposers
Range Hoods
Water Heaters

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