Schuelke Plumbing Review - The Twin Plumbers, TWICE the Service TWICE the care!

I recently had a plumbing problem and turned to Schuelke Plumbing to solve my problem. I’m happy to say that they were punctual, friendly, and very capable. Here is my Schuelke Plumbing Review:

I’ve owned rental properties for nearly 30 years and throughout that time have had many dozens of plumbing problems that required a professional plumber. The majority that time I dealt with the large corporate plumbing companies. Although there were times and things went off smoothly, the majority the time it seemed that the plumber was actually a salesman trying to sell up the service call. I didn’t feel like I was dealing with a caring plumber but more like a was dealing with a used car salesman.

My latest plumbing emergency was a very slow drain in one of my tenants bathtubs. Not only did the tub practically not drain but when water was turned on in the kitchen it filled up the bathtub. My handyman and I did everything we could on our own to try to solve the problem but to no avail. So is back to the Internet try to find a good plumber. During my search I saw the listings for Schuelke Plumbing. Their claim was THE TWIN PLUMBERS TWICE the service, TWICE the Care! That sounded like a good slogan to me so I gave them a try. I made my appointment and a truck with two technicians arrived right on time.

They’re able to figure out the problem and realize that we could be better served by their sending out another truck. When the other truck arrived we met Thomas the plumber with over 30 years of experience who knew just what to do.

a drop cloth and bucket were put down to protect things

He went about his task and clear the drain. Thomas called me the next day because he saw when cleaning his equipment that at the end of his snake was a bunch of dirt indicating we had a broken drain line. He offered to send out a truck with two men and a camera at no charge to identify where the crack in our drain line was and to discuss once that was found the best remedy for this major problem which would continue to cause ongoing stoppages at my tenants home.

I will continue to report my experiences but up till this point all I can say is that it is a real rare pleasure to find real people who really cared instead of a faceless corporation!

Here is some information from the Schuelke Plumbing website:

Schuelke Plumbing

When you need a GREAT PLUMBER in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, you can depend on the "twin plumbers" from Schuelke Plumbing.  It's more than a promise, the level of service you receive is a guarantee.  Read about it here, and from some of our many thousands of happy customers here.

Schuelke Plumbing




Save with Schuelke Plumbing's promotions and up-front pricing.  You'll know the full price before we begin work.




Our plumbers will be at your home or business fast.  Whenever you need us we'll be there, 24 hours, 7 days.


Schuelke Plumbing



Our family-owned company has been trusted in Los Angeles by tens of thousands of customers for 30 years.  We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate from feedback from our customers over that time.




Whatever your plumbing needs, from drains, to water heaters, to leaks and installations - our expert plumbers can handle it all.  We are fully licensed and insured.


Schuelke Plumbing



Financing available to approved applicants.




With written warranties, including lifetime guarantees on some services for as long as you own the home.


Schuelke Plumbing



Enjoy fast same day service, we'll be at your door at a time convenient to you today.


For the best service when you need a Los Angeles plumber, call the 'Twin Plumbers' today.


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