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I am now happily using Express Plumbing & Rooter who have done great work for me. If you need help call 800 628 5553 for questions or to make an appointment for a free estimate. Learn more at the Express Plumbing & Rooter Website and read my review on Express Plumbing article here



I had been using Roto-Rooter for over seven years and wanted up update this article. I am still extremely satisfied with their work at all 11 of my rental properties as well as my home. Here is a recent example. My guest house had a clogged main drain and I called Roto-Rooter who made an appointment and were at my home within one hour! Below are some videos showing the steps taken to reach a very satisfactory conclusion and a happy tenant.

First George came out and used a large 150 foot snake on the main drain. He got some debris from the drain but to be sure that all was handled properly out came another Roto-Rooter truck.

This truck brough Dave with his video camera which allowed him to view the main drain as far as 200 feet. During his viewing, at 130 feet, he found roots which were blocking the drain. Based on this find, both George and Dave knew how far to go and they again snaked the drain removing all the roots and debris.

Dave again took a look at the drain and verified that all was clean and clear. He then gave me a DVD which had on it what we had seen on the monitor so I could have my own record, a nice touch. In addition Dave suggested that a second main drain cleanout would be a good idea. He took his tool that follows the main drain to the street and found that indeed there already was a second cleanout. He marked that cleanout with fluorescent green paint so it would be easy to find if needed in the future. Meanwhile, George put a new wax ring and toilet bolts on the toilet to make sure it was secure and would not leak any water in the future.

I had a very comfortable, assured feeling when the gentlemen from Roto-Rooter drove away as I knew, from first had observation thanks to the camera, that my drain was indeed clean!

As I have been for the last five years, I am very pleased with Roto-Rooter’s service and employees.

Please be patient while the videos load.

George cleaning the main drain with a snake:

Dave arrives with the video camera unit:


George show me the camera with its own light:


Camera being fed down the drain:


View of root in main drain and slow water:


By just pushing a button, we learn that the blockage is at 130 feet:


David and George snaking the drain again to make sure:


David gave me a DVD of what we saw on the video:


George putting in a new wax ring and toilet bolts:



Feel free to phone 888 768 6211 for questions or to make an appointment for a free estimate. 

Have you ever found yourself in any of the following scenarios?

Walking sock footed into a room and slowly realized the carpet feels squishy, and your feet are getting wet?

Finished your business in the bathroom only to flush the toilet and instead of swirling down, the water and --- starts to rise and spill over the edge of the toilet puddling the floor?

Gone out to water your garden and found a wet mucky mess of water, and toilet paper around your main drain?

If you are like me, after the initial panic my mind starts to whirl and I grasp for ideas of what to do, what's happened, and Oh, I don't have time for this today.

An American popular classic

Recently I had one of the above-mentioned scenarios happen to me. I went outside intending to plant some new flowers in my garden and found myself standing in a murky, muddy, toilet papery, mess. I knew exactly what it was, my main drain was clogged, AGAIN. I live in an older house and it seems that my drains are clogged several times a year from the roots of street trees and my property shrubs. It is a yucky unsanitary mess and I've always just gone to a neighborhood plumber who takes his time getting to me and then charges what seems to be exorbitant prices; considering I have to keep having him come back a couple of times a year.

This time I'd had it and called out to my support network for help. A friend of mine made a call to Roto-Rooter for me and within no time I had two adorable men on my porch ready to help. They were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My friend and I were so pleased that we had them go on and help out another of our friend's rental properties. All in all we had three major problems taken care of in a couple of days.

So what do you do when these or similar situations happen?

How about remembering the old commercial jingle:
" Ro-to Rooter is quick first aid for clogs, sewers and stopped up drains, call Roto-Rooter, that's the name, and away go troubles down the drain."

Cleaning out a drain

It's one of the nation’s best known advertising jingles, featured in countless advertising commercials since 1954 it is now a piece of bona-fide American pop culture.

If you've watched any TV over the last 51 years I'm sure you've heard of them. But, what do you know about the services they offer and have you ever called?

Roto-Rooter was founded in 1935 by Samuel Blanc and is the largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services in North America. They operate businesses in more than 100 company-owned territories and more than 500 franchise territories, serving approximately 90% of the U.S. population and 55% of the Canadian population. Master franchise operations have been established in Japan, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong/China and Indonesia/Singapore.

Founded in 1935

In 1980, the Blanc family sold Roto-Rooter to Cincinnati-based Chemed Corporation, and Roto-Rooter moved its headquarters to Cincinnati, as well. In 1986, Roto-Rooter was spun off as a public company, with Chemed retaining majority ownership. In August 1996, Roto-Rooter again became a wholly owned subsidiary when Chemed bought back all outstanding shares.

Serving both residential and commercial customers, Roto-Rooter offers fast emergency responses to all plumbing problems, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. They'll schedule service at your convenience. Fast emergency response to all your plumbing and drain cleaning problems, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Their technicians are fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured. They offer courtesy plumbing inspections. As well as customized preventive maintenance plans that solve chronic problems. They even offer a written guarantee on all recommended and completed work.

In addition to regular plumbing needs they offer high tech solutions to common problems.

High Pressure Water Jetting: This cleans up grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of commercial drain line blockages. Penetrating and emulsifying grease, breaking up sludge and debris, pulverizing roots, cutting out hardened scale, flushing out the system, leaving lines clear. This water jets out the debris instead of pushing it further in, completely removing it form your line.

Fiber Optic Camera Line Inspection: Video Inspection of Your Lines takes the guesswork out of sewer repairs with special video cameras that look inside pipes from 3" to 36" in diameter. Video pinpoints your problem, allowing Roto-Rooter to recommend the most cost-effective solution for you. Whether it is to dig, clean or reline the pipe. Saving you time and money by quickly solving the problem and bringing in the right equipment for the job.

Underground Line Detection: This equipment locates lines or septic tanks without digging, taking the guesswork out of locating line breaks. Their state-of-the-art line detection equipment can locate underground metallic, cast-iron or non-metallic pipes and ducts without expensive and sometimes disruptive digging. This technology helps locate gas pipes and avoid accidentally digging into one, or to help locate water leaks in plastic pipes.

Convenient eScheduling.

Another great service they offer is e-Scheduling which allows you to schedule an appointment for plumbing or drain cleaning service, and check the status of, change or cancel a scheduled appointment all online through their website.

All of our work was performed by professional friendly and most important competent technicians. We've all been very happy with the services we received and highly recommend Roto-Rooter. The work ethic and quality was superb and I for one am definitely going to remember jingle "and away go troubles down the drain", I know mine did.

Oh, and by the way, check out their website for fun games and facts about plumbing like who Thomas Crapper was and did he invent the toilet.

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